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Everyday Evangelism: A School-Aged Mom Sees an Opportunity

Posted By Thabiti Anyabwile On February 13, 2013 @ 1:08 am In evangelism | 2 Comments

If you’ve been a regular reader this year, you know I’m trying to be a better evangelist. I’m looking to share the gospel with someone at least once per week. So far, I’ve hit that target about 2-3 weeks this year. It’s not what I want, but I’m seeing God’s grace and the beginnings of a renewed zeal in this area. Please pray for me, and if you’ll leave a comment with your own experience I will pray for you.

One of the things I’m hoping to do is draw encouragement from others who are more faithful or just as incompetent as I am. I’ll take encouragement wherever it’s found! That’s been one of the refreshing things about this effort at evangelism. The Lord has placed so much encouragement around–friends, my wife, online stuff. Yesterday I was encouraged to think about everyday opportunities more carefully. The encouragement came from this post written by a mother of three young children [1] wanting to see her fellow moms come to know Jesus (HT: Challies [2]). She begins:

I’m a mum with three children (7, 6, and 3) and, like most mums I know, I’m bogged down with the minutiae of life and suffering from constant tiredness. Since having children, my prayer life and quiet times have been whittled down to a minimum, so the thought of evangelism hasn’t been high on my agenda. Getting through each day without a trip to the doctor or to Accident and Emergency has taken priority!

This all changed eight months ago when a new friend of mine began to get interested (or maybe just concerned) about what the Christian school our children attended was teaching them about Jesus. She openly admitted that she was pretty ignorant in this area, and didn’t have the answers when her son asked her questions about God and Jesus. I knew this friend of mine would be unlikely to be able to make it to church on a Sunday, or even to an evening event. She’s plagued by the usual stuff we all have—family commitments and a husband who works long hours.

Read the entire post [1] (it won’t take long). It’s a great encouragement in praying for opportunity and blessing and doing simple things already in your routine. It’s also encouraging to know the Lord uses tired moms and dads to do the work of evangelism. I’m quite fatigued as I write this. And when I’m tired I’m spiritually dull. My high school basketball coach used to say, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” I don’t know if he helped me fight through fatigue or convinced me I should be more cowardly when I’m tired. But this woman’s example reminded me that when I am weak then He is strong. I’m feeling a bit more like embracing my weakness rather than resenting it. Thank you, Mrs. Edmond.

I’m praying this morning about my routine and what opportunities the Lord has right before me that I should seize, fatigue and all.

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