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That’s not a mis-spelling. That’s the name of the conference: Rezolved. If you’re in South Africa, you definitely want to consider attending this growing and powerful meeting.

From the Conference Organizers

REZ was launched in 2010 with the unforgettable preaching of John Piper and Conrad Mbewe, along with the music ministry of Stuart Townend.  The heart of REZOLUTION is a weekend conference in Gauteng aimed at young adults but open to all – centred around expository preaching, God-centred worship with the REZ Band & Choir, and rich gospel fellowship (plus a great book table!).  All of this is rooted in the deep heritage of Jonathan Edwards and the Great Awakening in the 1750s.  Edwards was a 19 yr. old who was RESOLVED to live for God’s glory, and God used him to see tens of thousands brought to Christ and countless churches revived, strengthened, and planted.  (See his famous 70 Resolutions:

Pray & labour with us for God to use REZ to serve local churches and see a new generation who are resolved to live holy, Christ-centred, Scripture-saturated lives that will bring a great awakening to southern Africa and beyond.  Pray that in future decades we will look back at how God used REZ to play a part in raising up future missionaries & martyrs, preachers & church planters, and godly marriages and homes and churches.

REZ also involves a pre-conference (done by the same speakers) for pastors & church leaders to be equipped and grounded in sound doctrine and God-centred truths for church life & gospel ministry.

For the first time, REZ 2013 will be in both CT and KZN

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