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Props to Shane for sending me this link. Man… makes a brother long for the day when the game was still the game! This must be the greatest pick-up game in the history of the universe!

I love the part where Magic says, “We gave them the college guy. You can have Christian Laettner. We don’t want him; you can have him. A college kid can’t help you.” Ouch! Then Mike says, “It was about pride and a college kid couldn’t help either one of the teams.” Ooo… ouch again! It’s like they said, “Sit down, son, and let the grown men play.”

Wish I could’ve had a box of popcorn and sat courtside!

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5 thoughts on “Oh… When the NBA Was Great!”

  1. Nathan says:

    I remember those days…there was a story written about the greatest game of HORSE every played…just Chris Mullen knocking back 3’s then others joined in. And of course, the classiest man in basketball was Dave Robinson. One of my best memories was the NBA All Star Game when Magic was going to retire and at the end Isaiah and Jordan (I think) took turns guarding Magic in 1 on 1 play. Good times.

  2. Martin says:

    And that’s why I now watch the NHL.

  3. Shane Ebanks says:

    Hey T,

    Thanks for nod!

    “Greatest pick-up game in the history of the universe”, absolutely :-)! Even MJ is quoted as saying that it was the best game he’s been in( Which says a lot: six Chips: 63 points in playoffs against Boston: 69 points against Cleveland: countless game winners: three point barrage against Portland in the “92” finals: epic battles against the Knicks, Detroit (Bad Boys), and this game topped them all. It would have been nice to see Isiah Thomas on the team though.

    I feel ya Martin, competitiveness like this isn’t a given anymore. As much as it’s Lebron’s league today, by default; something must be said for walking up to the gate keepers (Magic and Bird) and letting know, “it’s my league now!” Classic

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