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What Marrying a Black Man Taught Me about Race and Why Ferguson Matters

Sep 15, 2014 | Thabiti Anyabwile

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest blogger is Dennae Pierre. Dennae is wife to Vermon Pierre, lead pastor of Roosevelt Community Church in Phoenix, AZ, a mother, and adoption advocate.  250 years of slavery. 90 years of Jim Crow. 60 years of separate but equal. 35 years of racist housing policies. Does that explain everything? No. Does it mean something? Yes. The Back Seat Passenger: A close friend and dear brother of ours, Dr. Patrick T. Smith, is a professor at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. He gives his students the following example to help them understand how to hear from different world views: Imagine that you are driving down a busy highway and you put your blinker on and prepare to merge into the left lane. All of a sudden, someone in the backseat yells, “Stop! You’re going to hit a car!” but you are confident that you checked your rearview mirror and feel certain there is no car in the lane next to you. What do you do? The answer all comes down to how much you trust the person in that seat behind you. Is it a foolish, goofy middle school boy who likes to blurt random things out? If so, then you will likely ignore the voice and get into the next lane. Or is it a trusted friend? Your peer? Your equal? If so, then you will instantly put on your breaks without thinking or question. Patrick goes on to explain the issues related to understanding the complexities …

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Join Us on The Front Porch!

Sep 18, 2013 | Thabiti Anyabwile

On Chi Steps with Lou and Tony

I love hanging out with pastors, talking about preaching, church, books and the like. And I love talking a little smack with my friends. Put the two together and you have a wonderful time of fellowship, fun and edification. That’s why I’m thrilled to join two of my best friends and favorite people, Pastor Louis Love of New Life Fellowship Church (Vernon Hills, IL) and Pastor Anthony Carter of East Point Church (Atlanta, GA), in launching a new website called The Front Porch. What’s The Front Porch about? We’re about “conversations about biblical faithfulness in African-American churches and beyond.” We do a lot of laughing… a fair amount of celebrating… and some probing reflection. We do it all because we love that part of Christ’s Church called “the Black Church” and we want to see her thrive, building on the best of her history and reforming weak spots according to the word of God. Tony captures the spirit behind TFP here. The three of us share some of our hopes in this video: Perhaps you grew up in a house or a neighborhood where people gathered on the porch for the day’s events, a cool drink and a little encouragement. If so, you know what we’re after. If you’re looking for edifying conversation and a lot of laughs with the great and glorious family called “the Church,” then join us on The Front Porch!

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My Favorite Type of Conferences

Oct 29, 2012 | Thabiti Anyabwile

Okay, it’s official. I really enjoy “family conferences.” I don’t know if that’s an official category, but I note a pleasant distinction between the typical pastors’ conference and the smaller family conferences. It’s a real joy to see so many families together enjoying spiritual things, and it’s even better when I’m there with my family. I love the sight of strollers, dads carrying infants or wrestling with toddlers, and the sound of little ones singing the great songs of the faith. This past weekend I had the privilege of being with Voddie Baucham and the saints at Grace Family Baptist Church for their Semper Reformanda conference on church membership. I’m leaving with fresh ideas and visions for shepherding families and encouraging fathers in my own congregation. I’m leaving with a heart full of word (thanks Voddie, Ken Jones, Mike Horton, and Jeff Johnson!), fellowship, and song. I’m also leaving with a belly full of Voddie’s ribs, cornbread, greens, potato salad, and bread pudding with a lovely bourbon sauce. Yeah, I’d come back! But the Semper Reformanda conference joins a list of memorable gatherings where I’ve either been able to take my family or I’ve had the joy of watching other families enjoy the things of God. If you’re looking for an opportunity to take the family to a spiritually-enriching vacation, you might consider one of these conferences: The Carey Conference (outside Toronto). I had the privilege of attending in 2009. Sponsored by the Sovereign Grace Churches of Canada (not the …

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New Life Conference Audio

Jul 11, 2012 | Thabiti Anyabwile

A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at the 10th New Life Fellowship Bible Conference in Vernon Hills, IL.  This is easily my favorite conference of all.  To know why, see here.  I mean, you can’t get much better than hanging out with and sitting under the word with Tony Carter, Reddit Andrews, Ken Jones, and Louis Love and all the saints and pilgrims who make the journey there.  Word.  Spirit.  Laughter.  Joy.  Love.  It’s an awesome time! This year’s theme was “A God Like No Other: Expositions of the Book of Micah.”  The site and audio work best with Explorer or Firefox.  Here’s the line-up: The Glory Comes Down: Micah 1 (Tony Carter) The Present Darkness: Micah 2-3 (Ken Jones) The Coming Glory: Micah 4 (Reddit Andrews) The Shepherd Who Leads: Micah 5 (Thabiti Anyabwile) The Holiness God Demands: Micah 6 (Ken Jones) The God Like No Other: Micah 7 (Reddit Andrews) What a great blessing to preach one of the best known passages (or at least verses) in the Christian world.  Check the audio.  Next year, check the conference itself.  You won’t be disappointed.  Next year’s theme: “Give ‘em Heaven: Expositions of Revelation 19-22.”

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A Fellowship Not to Be Missed!

May 21, 2012 | Thabiti Anyabwile

New Life Speakers 2011

For the past five years, it’s been my great joy to gather and fellowship with Pastor Louis Love and the saints of New Life Fellowship in Vernon Hills, IL for their annual family Bible conference.  Without fail, the New Life Conference has offered some of the richest teaching, belly-jiggling laughter, and iron-sharpening conversation of any gathering I’ve had the privilege of attending.  This year promises to be much more of the same! This year’s theme is “A God Like No Other.”  I’ll have the privilege of joining Anthony Carter (pastor, East Point Church in Atlanta, GA) and Reddit Andrews III (asst prof. of practical theology, RTS) again as speakers.  And this year, we’ll also be joined by Ken Jones (pastor, Glendale Baptist Church in Miami, FL and co-host of White Horse Inn) as we expound the Book of Micah.  We ’bout to get Old Testament! Pastor Ken Jones, Glendale Baptist Church (Miami, FL) Whether you’re in the Vernon Hills area or not, you’ll want to consider joining us for this time together in God’s word.  You’ll be loved, encouraged, helped, and welcomed.  I guarantee it.  For those interested, you can find a registration form here.  But believe it or not, the conference is free!  Come join us for a great time in the Lord! Some Other Links Worth Checking: 2011 New Life Conference Audio (Theme: “Him We Proclaim: The Pre-eminence of Christ in the Book of Colossians“) Urban Theology and Apologetics with Rev. Reddit Andrews All the speakers contributed to Glory …

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Jonathan Edwards, Slavery, and Theology

Feb 01, 2012 | Thabiti Anyabwile

At 1pm CST, I’ll have the privilege of joining the students and faculty at Trinity Evangelical Divinity school for an event entitled, “Jonathan Edwards and American Racism: Can the Theology of a Slaveholder Be Trusted by Descendants of Slaves?”  How’s that for a provocative subtitle?! Here’s a description from the website: Jonathan Edwards is arguably the most important theologian that North America has produced. He is a hero to many Christians. Yet he also owned slaves, a fact that has raised important questions about his moral credibility. Should we really be holding Edwards up as a theological role model? Should we be trying to learn from him? These are live questions here at Trinity and beyond. Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile has thought about these questions-as a pastor, an African American, and adherent to Reformed theology. We invite you to listen in as he reflects about them personally, engaging two other African-American pastors and the audience in an edifying installment of the Edwards Center series ‘Jonathan Edwards and the Church,’ moderated by Dr. Sweeney. This event is cosponsored by the Henry Center and the Jonathan Edwards Center at TEDS. Pastor Anyabwile’s lecture will take place on Wednesday, Feb 1, 1-2:30pm in the ATO Chapel on the TEDS campus. The responses will be from Pastor Louis Love of New Life Fellowship Church, Vernon Hills, and Pastor Charlie Dates of Progressive Baptist Church of Chicago-Q&A to follow. If you’re interested, you can check the live-stream here.

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What I Appreciate Most about Conferences

Nov 03, 2010 | Thabiti Anyabwile

I’ve been reflecting a fair amount over the last month on conferences and their value.  It’s been a rich time of celebrating the Lord’s grace in many ways.  But the thing that’s come through strongest for me has been the blessing of relationships made and refreshed through these brief meetings.  Here’s a taste of what I mean: On September 10, I visited Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for the annual 9Marks at Southeastern conference.  As I reflect on that time, while I really appreciated the rich biblical teaching I received, very precious time was spent catching up with people I love.  I had dinner and breakfast with Stephen, a former staff member now studying at Southeastern.  It was great to see how the Lord has been blessing him, teaching him, challenging him, using him, and providing for him in his church there, North Wake Community Church.  Along with Stephen, I had time with the Baptist21 guys who are doing a meaningful work for the Lord and his church.  These, too, are seminarians finishing their studies and looking to give their lives to gospel ministry.  At the conference itself, there was renewal of friendship and affection with some of the people who have had the most lasting and meaningful impact on my life: Mark Dever, Matt Schmucker, and Jonathan Leeman.  There was the rest of the 9Marks crew, and the ever-gracious Paul Passaro, who responsible for bringing me to South Africa and introducing me to the church about a year ago.  I …

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Great Conferences Coming Up

May 10, 2010 | Thabiti Anyabwile

There are tons of worthwhile, high-profile conferences going on all over the place.  And with the plethora of big names and big events, there’s the likelihood that we may overlook and miss out on some smaller events with as much or more punch for our spiritual lives and ministries.  Big isn’t always better.  Faithful is always the measure.  So, it’s a joy to highlight two conferences coming up in the next couple months that feature godly, faithful pastors serving the body of Christ.  If you’re looking for fellowship to go along with the word, check these out: New Life Bible Conference (Vernon Hills, IL) One of the high points of my year each year for the past four or five years has been the annual New Life Bible Conference held in Vernon Hills, Ill, just outside of Chicago.  Pastor Louis Love and the saints at New Life are among the most joyful, hospitable, Spirit-filled folks you’ll ever want to fellowship with.  And each year my wife and I look forward to this spiritual shot in the arm. Truth in advertising: I have the privilege of being one of this year’s speakers.  So, you might think I’m biased.  But here’s another brother’s take on the conference.  Bottom line: Come and you’ll be encouraged. This year’s theme is “In Christ Alone: The Supremacy of Christ in the Book of Hebrews,” featuring several expositions of the book of Hebrews.  Can’t wait for June 17-19th.  I hope you’ll make plans to meet us there. …

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Audio from the Caribbean Baptist Heritage Conference Is Available

Jul 16, 2009 | Thabiti Anyabwile

Here’s what’s up so far: A Minister That Gaurds Against HeresiesPastor Eric C. Redmond A Sign From GodPastor Eric C. Redmond The Abiding Nature of The Moral LawPastor Eric C. Redmond The Christian Writer in the Public SquareElder John R. Lee The Great Object of Christ’s MissionPastor Vernon Allen The Souls Cry for GodPastor Vernon Allen What is the GospelPastor Anthony Carter

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One of the Reasons I LOVE Tony Carter

May 22, 2009 | Thabiti Anyabwile

When I’m around him my face and heart do this A LOT! In a couple weeks’ time, it’ll be a joy to be with bro’s Carter, Louis Love, Hensworth Jonas, our wives, and all the saints at the New Life Fellowship Bible Conference. This year’s focus is on evangelism in the book of Acts. Six expositions combined with a lot of fellowship and iron-sharpening-iron dessert conversations at fancy restaurants like Denny’s. If you’re in the Vernon Hills, IL or greater Chicago area, come check us out. For my wife and I, it’s a highlight to our year. You’ll find your soul lifted.

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