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Learning to Sing Together in New Zealand and Zambia

I’m still not over this jet lag thing. It’s the worst case I’ve ever had. On the one hand, I’m up early in the morning and finding those hours spiritually fruitful, but on the other hand rising at 2:30 or 3:00 a.m. every day is probably going to be a problem long term. I nearly fell asleep on the way to Bible study last night–and it’s a short walk down a flight of stairs from my office study to our meeting place! Pray for a brother!

But the early morning has allowed me opportunity to continue reflecting on the Lord’s grace in our time in New Zealand, Australia, and Zambia. This morning He has turned my mind to the  singing we enjoyed while visiting the saints abroad. I’m no “music guy,” but I know great congregational singing when I hear it. And we heard a lot of great congregational singing.

Singing with the Saints on the Other Side of the World

In New Zealand, we spent our time with the saints at Howick Baptist Church and fellow believers from about fifty congregations who attended the Stand for the Gospel Conference. Our time at the church and conference featured a variety of arrangements led by different members of the church all with an emphasis on the congregational voice as the main instrument. We had accompaniment by strings, brass, wood winds (I think) and probably some other things I’m not recalling now. But all of it was accompaniment; it went along with the …

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My Favorite Song This Easter

Each year at Easter the choir at First Baptist Church holds a cantata. Each year they blow us away! Each year one or two songs become an anthem, a source of lyrical grace that awakens the soul. This year, by God’s grace, was no different.

My favorite song for the year was “Orphan” by Ronnie Freeman.

The lyrics:

You think so much of me
You take delight in me
You paid the price for me
Then you adopted me

I’m not an orphan anymore, I’m yours
I stand before you now adored, I’m yours
Your cross has set me free
New life belongs to me
I’m not an orphan anymore I’m yours

You took my guilt and shame
Gave me a brand new name
You call me your beloved
I call you Abba father

I’m not an orphan anymore, I’m yours
I stand before you now adored, I’m yours
Your cross has set me free
New life belongs to me
I’m not an orphan anymore, I’m yours

Now I feast at the table of the King
And His love is the banner over me
His love is the banner over me,
the banner over me, the banner over me.

A section of the FBC choir singing "Orphan."


You Need a Little “Introspection”

Seeing the saints use their gifts for the glory of God must be one of the great privileges of pastoral ministry.  It happens in a million ways if we have eyes to see it–teaching children the gospel, showing hospitality, being merciful to the hurting, and so on.  Praise God for all the gifts He’s placed in the body of Christ.  Every one is necessary.

So, it’s a joy to recommend a new album release by a saint and friend from FBC, Dalmond Bodden.  It’s called Introspection and it’s his first solo project with his ministry Pauze Entertainment.  Actually, imo, it’s an overdue project.  But Dalmond has been humbly helping and promoting other members of Pauze.  So a lot of us are thrilled to see him finally put it out there for Christ.

The album dropped last Saturday.  We’ve been keeping it on loop for the last couple days.  Here’s the track list:

02=PLATFORM ft Mason Chisholm aka Tha-Real-Mc
03=MAJESTIC ft Tha-Real-MC
05=NO CROSS NO HOPE ft Mennen Langlois
06=LULLABY ft Nicole Bodden
07=BE MODEST (poetic break)
08=OUR HOPE IS IN HIM ft Troy Alleyne
09=MY FAITH (Poetic intro to puppet master)
10=PUPPET MASTER ft Alicia Latoya
11=I AM WRETCHED (poetic intro to wretched man)
12=WRETCHED MAN ft Mennen Langlois
13=REASON TO SING ft Tha-Real-MC
15=SHINE ft Tha- Real-Mc and Michael Blackburn
16=PAID FOR ft Michaiah Bryan and Michael Blackburn

Great to see so many of the church family support the project.  I think our favorite tracks are “Our Hope Is in Him” and “Wretched Man.”

Grab it on


Beast Mode Tour

What do you get when you combine Humble Beast with Lamp Mode Records? The upcoming Beast Mode Tour Oct.-Dec., 2012. This gon’ be hot! Looks like shai linne, Theory Hazit, Json, Stephen the Levite, and Beautiful Eulogy.

Here are some videos from the tour website.

shai linne


Stephen the Levite busting on the scene again

Beautiful Eulogy

Check the city near you. Dates are already set for Cal Baptist. Steph, Jonathan, you guys need to check this out!

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Saturdays Are for Hip Hop, Too

Praise to the Lord and props to Lecrae for grabbing rap/hip hop “album of the year” for Rehab: The Overdose at the Dove Awards.

Also, praise to God for Trip, whose new album “The Good Life” hit #17 in sales in its first week on the shelves.

Lecrae joins Trip for the track “I’m Good”.  Enjoy!

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Saturday Nights Are for Jazz

I don’t know how many jazz lovers read Pure Church. I hope there are some because, well, what’s not to love about jazz?  I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no Kenny G stuff neither!  I mean jazz!  The good stuff.  Straight ahead.  Standards and improvisation.  Conversation.  Freedom built on structure.  Jazz.

I’m really grateful my man with the lion’s mane turned me on to this cat: Gregory Porter. Move over Cole!  Check out the beauty of both the song and the artistry in this video:

Added fun catching glimpses of Baltimore in this video. I’ve spent enough time on those train station benches waiting for the express back to DC!


See What a Morning!

Love this song!  A joyful Resurrection Day to all!  He is risen!

HT: DeYoung

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Now THAT’S How You Play the Piano!

I don’t know the group Too Hot to Handel, but I love this piano solo JT just sent to me! Give it a listen and tell me how many tunes you recognize in this melody, and tell me if Mr. Waddles ain’t workin’ those keys!!

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The Perfection of Beauty

HT: Shane

Can’t wait to get this album. And might I make a suggestion? Blair and shai should do a joint project called “The linne Dynasty.” Any buyers?

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A New Album Project I Think You’re Gonna Dig

My man Curtis Allen, a.k.a “Voice,” has teamed up with another Sovereign Gracer named Erin Hill to form a group called Welfare Society.  They have a new album scheduled to drop November 21st called “Be Encouraged, Be Convinced.”

One of the tracks is based on a conversation Curt’ had with a young Christian woman who struggles with same sex attraction.  She asked Curt’ why the church is so hard on people with that struggle. One outcome of that conversation is the track and video “When It Rains”:


When It Rains by avoice

Look out for the album when it drops Nov. 21st!

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