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How Not to Preach Boring Sermons

Our man in Fulham, London, Mike Gilbart-Smith, posts at the 9Marks blog two video sermonsfrom Stuart Ollyott on “How Not to Preach Boring Sermons.” (part one and part two)

The 13 points from the two sermons:

1) Reflect on when you last switched off
2) Learn communication skills
3) Be expository
4) Use stories
5) Ask questions
6) Keep eye contact
7) Use the spoken language (not the written language)
8) Take care of your voice
9) Remember that less means more
10) Be the slave of structure and logic
11) Be in the message
12) Assault the conscience
13) Conquer God before you start (in prayer)

Mike, along with our man in Dubai, John Folmar, conducted 9Marks workshops in Portugal in partnership with the folks at FIEL. If you’re interested in the workshop talks, videos are available here.

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Don’t Nourish a Broken Heart

“Time spent nourishing a broken heart is time lost for eternity.”

–John MacArthur, “Triumphantly Encouraged: The Privilige of Ministry, Part 1” (1997 Desiring God Pastor’s Conference)

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God Exposed Recap

We’re almost home, awaiting our fly from the Miami airport. It’s been a great trip, refreshing in all the most wonderful ways.

First, we were able to connect with some of my oldest and dearest friends. It was a real treat for me to have time together with Peter Rochelle, a brother I consider my first pastor and first example of faithful exposition, and at the same time to hang out with Mark Dever, a brother I consider my second pastor and most formative mentor when it comes to the life of the church. A real treat.

Then there was catching up with old friends and new. It was fun for me to introduce Bentley, my assistant pastor, and Stephen, new seminarian at Southeastern and former director of youth and missions, to my brother Clyde Alston, perhaps one of the most faithful servants you’ll ever meet and a real Barnabas to me. The ribs at Applebee’s were great, and the concrete from Goodberry’s hit the spot!

Folks at FBC will be very encouraged at Stephen’s start in seminary. He has established some really good routines and is thinking in all the right ways about building fellowship and relationships with others. He’s found a really strong church, North Wake Baptist Church. He’s enjoying his classes and has some fine teachers. And he says he’s probably doing better spiritually than at any point in his life. On a personal level, it was …

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Sweet Pickings of Providence

Reading God’s Providences is notoriously difficult. Who can peer into the fathomless mysteries of God’s wise rulings in creation?

But almost immediately after being told I couldn’t board my flight yesterday, the Lord gave me a sense that something precious would be the reward of this providence. I hadn’t realized it at the time, but I needed refreshing.

The Lord has used His people to abundantly answer this need. Today I read a couple of tributes given at the funeral of a dear saint back at FBC. the remembrances of this man’s life continue to stir in me a desire to live a deeper life of joy in Christ. Five minutes of reading opened my heart.

This morning I sat in on a systematic theology Sunday school class, and as I listened to Paul Miller meditate on the character of God, my God appeared so large and great.

Then, Greg Gilbert preached what must be the most beautiful sermon in the Psalms I’ve ever heard. My Jesus rose so magnificently from the lines of Psalm 20! How wonderful to see our Lord with the eyes of faith and be left in awe of His love and life! Listen to this sermon attentively, without distraction, Bible open, heart praying and hoping.

Came back for the evening sermon and Chris Erwin preached 1 John 5:14 with such clarity, power, and encouraging care… I was left really desiring to pray and pray long.

I’m missing the saints back …

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Sermon Introductions

Colin tips us to an uncharacteristically hilarious sermon introduction from Mark Dever. Worth the 6 minute listen.

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Audio from the Caribbean Baptist Heritage Conference Is Available

Here’s what’s up so far:

A Minister That Gaurds Against HeresiesPastor Eric C. Redmond

A Sign From GodPastor Eric C. Redmond

The Abiding Nature of The Moral LawPastor Eric C. Redmond

The Christian Writer in the Public SquareElder John R. Lee

The Great Object of Christ’s MissionPastor Vernon Allen

The Souls Cry for GodPastor Vernon Allen

What is the GospelPastor Anthony Carter

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Audio from the New Life Conference

This year’s theme was “Spreading the Gospel,” expositions from the Book of Acts. Audio is here. As is the case every year, the fellowship was rich and refreshing.

The conference talks included:

A Kingdom Mandate (Acts 1)Thabiti Anyabwile

The…Holy Spirit (Acts 2)Anthony Carter

Exclusivity of Jesus(Acts 4)Hensworth Jonas

Purity in the Church (Acts 5)Thabiti Anyabwile

…Church Planting (Acts 13)Anthony Carter

The Blessings of Opposition (Acts 16:19-40)Hensworth Jonas

This year, Sis. Evelina Thomas joined us and blessed us in song. Here’s a sample, “There Is A Fountain Filled with Blood,” a song that stunningly enough she had never sang before. Enjoy!

Next year’s theme is “None Better Than Christ: The Supremacy of Christ in the Book of Hebrews”. Carter, Jonas and myself will be returning, Lord willing, along with our dear brother Redditt Andrews, Pastor of Soaring Oaks Prebyterian Church in Elk Grove, California.

Don’t miss next year! Make this one of the spiritual investments you make in your life and church!

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Listening for the Soul

A clear, compelling, and life-giving sermon on John 3:14-17.

Allistair Begg on gospel ministry. Typical, clear Begg. And laugh out loud funny at about 18 minutes.

Together for the GospelRegistration is open for T4G ’10–The (Unadjusted) Gospel. See here.

The (Unadjusted) Gospel. That’s a topic worth thinking about for several days together with several thousand other pastors and church leaders. Don’t you think?

The good news does not adjust. It’s always the same and it’s always good. Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, proclaims a message that’s the same yesterday, today, and forever. So should we.

We hope you will join us in Louisville April 2010 to think about that message and why it’s the heart of ministry.

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Props to My Pops

Ronald Alexander, son of the Rev. Eric Alexander, has built a website in honor of his father’s preaching and teaching ministry. (HT: Challies) The site includes over 20 years of exposition from Alexander the elder’s ministry at St. George’s Tron in Glasgow, Scotland. You’ll also find a brief biography of Alexander.

From the site’s welcome page:

Eric Alexander has spent his adult life serving Jesus Christ, in His Church, as a minister of His Word. He has preached Christ exclusively from Holy Scripture, convinced that the Bible is the only reliable and sufficient revelation God has given us of His Son.

The conviction behind all Eric Alexander’s preaching is that Scripture is fundamental to the Church’s life and continuance, and therefore it is the exposition of Scripture which is fundamental to the Church’s pattern of activity.

As the years have passed and the world has changed, he has grown ever more convinced of the urgent priority of summoning the church to the Apostolic priority expressed by the Apostles themselves in Acts 6v4; “We will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.”

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Listening Fare

Some things I trust have benefitted my soul recently:

Mark Dever on “The Pastor and the Church”:The PastorThe Church

Don Carson:The Flow of Thought in 1 Timothy 2Is the Culture Shaping Us or Are We Shaping the Culture?HT: Titus2TalkA Holy Nation: The Church’s High Calling

Bob Kauflin:The Fight for Joy (Psalm 42-43)

J. M. Stiles:Getting the Big Picture (1 Cor. 9:18-27)

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