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Social security is in trouble. I’m 26 and have been paying into the system for 10 years now. I have absolutely no faith that I will ever see that money again. The only way that social security will survive the next century is if the tax burden is increased exponentially on its citizens… or we put an end to one of the problems that has caused a social security crisis in the first place - abortion.

No one wants to talk about the dark side of the social security crisis. Consider this. Social security was around for 40 years before 1973 without any “crisis.” Now let’s do a little math. Between 1973-1991, Americans aborted 28,511,400 citizens, people who would now be of working age. What would social security look like if we had 28,600,000 citizens working today and paying social security taxes? Would the baby boomers reaching retirement have anything to worry about if we had an additional 28,000,000 workers paying into the system?

Everyone knows that the problem with social security is demographic. We have more retirees demanding benefits and fewer young workers keeping the system running by funding it with their taxes.

So let’s take a step back and consider the 45,000,000 abortions since 1973. The problem with social security is only going to get worse. The retiree/worker ratio will continue to shrink. And future generations will pay heavy taxes to support the weight of social security, which means the economy will drag, and eventually we may even have another depression.

The way to fix social security is not merely to promote privatization. That may put a patch on the wound, but it won’t take care of the problem. Social security will be fixed by promoting marriage, family, and kids. Instead of seeing children as a burden, it’s time to see them as a blessing. Instead of seeing unborn babies as fetuses with no personhood, we should again see them as special citizens, vulnerable and needing protection. 

The social security crisis is more complex than just one issue. That’s a given. But this crisis does indeed have a dark side that no one wants to talk about. And until we start having a frank, open discussion about abortion’s role in the crisis, we can kiss our social security checks goodbye.

written by Trevin Wax  © 2007 Kingdom People blog

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6 thoughts on “Social Security Crisis' Dark Side: Abortion”

  1. Scott says:

    This is really sad, but so true! I can’t believe that people don’t see how bad abortion is, and not just from a Christian point of view… well, I can only say: Lord have mercy on us.

    P.S. Great thoughts Trevin, and thanks for opening “my eyes” again.

  2. Rebecca says:

    This is in many ways true and something that most Western countries are facing. Two thoughts, however:

    1. The total number of children born were there no abortions would be far less than the total nearly 45 million. Clearly it would be a huge number still, but many of the women on their 7th or 8th abortion would have gotten a clue long before they reached their 7th or 8th child. I state this mainly to present an even and fair case; we must be careful not to stack the deck in our favor in discussions like this.

    2. While abortions are a huge factor in the Social Security Crisis, another huge factor that many people don’t know anything about is that during the “Years of Plenty” where there was a surplus in Social Security, Congress took most of that surplus out of the Social Security General Fund. As a result, the money that the baby boomers paid into the system when they were our age was not used wisely to provide for them when they reach retirement age and we end up with a system where each successive generation must cover the retirement costs of the preceding generations. A pyramid scheme that is untenable, especially with the decreasing birth rate.

    Just my two cents. Great post.

  3. Rodger Eyman says:

    When I hit submit it put me into this reply box. Need to check out the other page.
    Like your article. I have created a method to reduce or eliminate social security and medicare tax for business owners. See me. It might help your father.
    I have been preaching this message since 1963 re: abortion affecting ss. God is watching and the USA will have to pay for violating His command “thou shalt not kill”. Preach on brother.
    Rodge >

  4. Sherry says:

    Let “God’s Will Be Done so help us Jesus ! “

  5. Mike says:

    How would you factor unemployment into this equation? If there would be an additional 28million workers in the system, where would they be working? Unemployment is at an all time high with the workers we currently have, how would we sustain 28million more? Rather than being the solution to the social security crisis, it would be mean more people on welfare, more people in poverty, more people resorting to crime to survive.

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