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When we arrived back in the States after that initial journey to Romania in 1997, I was forever changed. Dad and I did the rounds in several churches, showing slides and telling some interesting stories. Eventually, life returned to normal. I went back to school. There was little to remind me of my first journey to Romania. Occasionally, we would look through pictures as Dad and I would reminisce or tell the rest of the family some of the stories.

But Romania continued to linger in my consciousness. The next year, a group of teenagers from our church went to Romania. I signed up quickly to go. The year after that, it was the same story. I saw myself as a “pioneer” because I was the first teenager from our church to go, and then future trips with larger teams became “expeditions” in which I would help the “newcomers” adjust to the culture.

The short-term mission trips were terrific. I learned valuable life-lessons, and even began to pick up a little Romanian. But short-term mission trips were just that – short-term. I never truly considered moving to Romania. Neither did I feel God calling me to the country for an extended period of time. Of course, God had some other plans.

Later this week, I’ll post some thoughts on how I discerned God’s call to the mission field.

written by Trevin Wax  © 2007 Kingdom People blog

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0 thoughts on “Romania: The Short-Term Trips 1997-2000”

  1. George Beck says:

    The information on this website is “pure gold” I love it. God bless y’all for what’re doing in my native country. Keep up the good work!

  2. trevinwax says:

    Thank you, George.

    You might check out my (not-as-often-updated) Romanian blog – Oamenii Imparatiei – using the link on the side.

    If I had more time to translate, I would post more often. But still, you may find some helpful information there.

    Domnul sa fie cu tine!

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