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Raffi too is looking at John Piper’s The Future of Justification. Read his posts here, here, and here. He’s admittedly less favorable to Piper than I am, but he makes some good points.

SaidatSouthern interviews John Divito – a convert from Mormonism

Read an Advent lesson from John Mark Reynolds.

Why J.D. Greear wants to be a Puritan-reading Pentecostal with feet like a Jehovah’s Witness.

How can you avoid the materialistic obstacles to Advent?

Christianity Today lists the top Christian albums of the year. Derek Webb and Caedmon’s Call both make the list.

Top Ten Bad Books Everybody Reads. (Well, I haven’t read any of them, so I guess not everybody reads them.)

Top Post this Week at Kingdom People: Trevin Wax Interview with N.T. Wright (Full Transcript). Honorable mention should go to my series on Piper’s The Future of Justification.

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  1. Andrew says:

    The top ten bad books list is all shock. Joyce, Salinger, Heller, and Vonnegut are on it. Making fun of Ulysses is cool if you’re the frat guy who accidentally ended up being an English major. Yes, we all know the communist manifesto isn’t the best economic work. It was short sighted. It didn’t predict the obvious exportation of the lower class to other countries. But it was written 200 years ago. Nietzsche, Russel, and Frued weren’t the best in their fields either. But they were all highly original thinkers who radically changed the fields they studied in. That’s why we study them. And lastly, self absorption isn’t a reason to knock a writers work unless you yourself are trying to become self-absorbed and pretentious.

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