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Read this article by Peter Best, accusing John Piper of not being truly Reformed. His conclusion?

There are other significant changes but, to sum up, John Piper, wittingly or unwittingly, is taking his followers down a different path from that trodden by the Puritans of old. His theology is not orthodox, being a deviation from Scripture. His enthusiasm, winsome ways and plausible writings have already won over some who should know better. But he is not a safe guide. We do not need John Piper to reshape truth. We have our Westminster standards. They do not need improving.

Every religious group/denomination/movement must have boundaries. Some want the boundaries to be tight. Others want a big tent. The “Reformed” tent is rather large, in my estimation – although there are some who would love to close the borders completely.

What does this teach us about John Piper? Not much. I’m still a fan.

What does this teach us about us Fundamentalists? As I’ve said before, we’re inclined to keep narrowing the parameters of fellowship until we’re the only ones who are “right” on anything. Let’s stay united on the fundamentals and avoid the sectarianism that so often qualifies our discourse.

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0 thoughts on “John Piper Not Truly Reformed?”

  1. Terry J says:

    There are several troubling aspects of Best’s article, but the one that really stands out is this quote:

    “We have our Westminster Standards. They do no need improving.”

    Are man-made confessions now inerrant? Are they untouchable? What about the concept of Semper Refomada?

    I would hope the final authority for believers (reformed or otherwise) would be the Bible, but I don’t get that impression from Best. His critique seems to be based on how Piper differs from the “Westminster Divines,” not on how he differs from Scripture.

  2. Brendt says:

    Terry kinda said this already, but if I may expand a bit. Add one sentence (or even the last word from that sentence — “truth”) to the part that Terry quoted. That’s where it really becomes troubling for me.

    I have to confess two things:

    1) I said a naughty word when I read the last 3 sentences of Best’s quote.
    2) I didn’t read the rest of the article. Those 3 sentences were sufficient for me to know not to waste my time. I’m gonna go make better use of my time now than reading Best — gonna watch a M*A*S*H rerun. ;-)

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