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thumb.jpgEvery January, Southern Baptists mark the sad anniversary of Roe vs. Wade by celebrating the sanctity, or sacredness or human life. Instead of mourning the American “culture of death,” we look hopefully to the future and celebrate the God who cherishes his creation.

Scripture often refers to God as the God of the fatherless and the widow.  “God executes justice for the fatherless and the widow” (Deut. 10:18). ”Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation” (Ps. 68:5). 

In Bible times, as in many places in our world even today, widows and orphans were the most vulnerable people in society. They were people without a voice. To be orphaned was to be abandoned. To be a widow with no immediate family members was to be impoverished.

But God declares that He is the Father of the fatherless and the protector of widows. He is the God of the oppressed. He is the one who hears the cries of those who have no voice. And that is why we, as Christians, are pro-life. We are pro-life, because our God is pro-life.

We believe human beings have a right to live – because of who they are – as image bearers of God – not because of what they do – as productive members of society. We do not judge the worth of a person by their usefulness to society. But sadly, our culture is beginning to do just that.

Human embryos are disposable - maybe useful for future medical research. And thus an embryo’s value is found it what it can be used for, not in what it is.

The unborn have no voice. They cannot yet think or reason, so their rights depend on the circumstances of the mother. They have value only if they are “wanted,” and they can be terminated if they are “unwanted.”

The senior citizen battling dementia – what useful purpose does she serve for society? Why not allow her to die? After all, euthanasia provides “death with dignity.” Society thinks the elderly have no value in who they are, as fellow human beings who bear the image of God, but in what they can do to serve society.

We must fight against our society’s mindset with the most powerful weapon in the Christian arsenal – compassion. We must make it clear that the reason we prize human life is because God prizes human life – at all stages.
      The human life of an embryo in a science lab
      The human life of an unborn baby in development
      The human life of an expectant mother faced with a crisis
      The human life of a mentally handicapped child
      The human life of a man in a vegetative state
      The human life of an elderly woman in a nursing home

Our approach to abortion is the compassionate one. We stand up for those who have no choice, those who have no voice. Through the work of pregnancy support centers, we walk alongside hurting mothers, helping them through pregnancy after they decide to preserve their baby’s life. We are there to counsel the other women who feel the enormous burden of guilt after having taken their child’s life.

Our approach to the elderly is the same. We do not agree with the term “death with dignity,” because no death is ever dignified. Death is a mar on God’s good creation. It is our greatest enemy.

But our Savior – the one who raised the widow’s son, congratulated the poor, raised up the oppressed and gave voice to the voiceless – He himself defeated death on Easter morning, unleashing God’s new creation into our world.

And that is why we are pro-life. In God’s eyes, every human life is precious. Every human being bears his fingerprints. Every person – from the embryo to the elderly – deserves life.

May God give us the courage to show the love of the Father to the fatherless.

written by Trevin Wax. © 2007 Kingdom People Blog

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0 thoughts on “Why We Are Pro-Life”

  1. Vince says:

    Do aborted babies go to heaven? If so is abortion the greatest evangelical tool of all time?

  2. Matt Svoboda says:


    Every January does mark a sad time for the church as a whole. Often, I have wept because of stories I have heard about abortion. I used to work at a pregnancy resource center and we dealt with many abortion-minded women(young girls!). Last year the PRC saved 88 infant lives last year! The way we ought to be fighting abortion in our country is not from the top down, but from the bottom up! We ought to be having our churches support all the unmarried pregnant girls as possible: Providing food, clothes, and care! If we want to save the lives of these babies we need to show the mothers how much you care… And this is not done by protesting abortion clinics!

    Good word!

  3. Josh says:

    If murder is evangelism sure. I’m pretty sure the Bible has some pretty strident things to say about that though.

    Good reminder and thanks Trevin.

  4. trevinwax says:

    I don’t think we should fight abortion only from the top-down or bottom-up. It needs to be a both-and. We should do whatever we can to stop the slaughtering of innocents and we should walk with the women who decide to keep their babies.

  5. Hi Trevin:

    I’ve posted on the topic at my site today. Thought you might be interested.

    Grace and Peace,

  6. Josh says:

    we should walk with the women who decide to keep their babies.

    Thats an excellent point. I know a lot of folks who would rather cross the street than deal with an unwed mother–even on Sunday Morning. Further, its practically impossible to keep a church nursery running smoothly. At least its difficult. Many pastors that I have talked with about this say that if any area of the church is going to have problems its the nursery.

  7. Biff says:

    It is a wonderful thing to walk with the mothers who decide to keep thier un-planned babies. It is another thing entirely to take care of the babies that no one wants. There is a striking contrast between unplanned pregnancy and unwanted pregnancy. It is a sad and untalked about situation, but it is a reality. Financial/educational/emotional outreach will only address a percentage of abortions. It is a mistake to think there are loving homes waiting for all these children. There are many many children in foster care in this state right now. There would be many more if abortion were illegal. Many cannot be placed. A few of the examples are infants born addicted to drugs, infants and children with disabilities and/or behavioral problems, older children who have been in the system so long, they have a hard time forming any type of trusting relationship with an authority figure. Paying your taxes alone is not going to help these children.

    We, as a society cannot depend on the government to take care of these children, complain about the increasing crime and lack of general morality, then start railing about the right to life. Without intervention these babies will not, as a rule, live the kind of life we would want for them. I do understand that some babies are “in demand” and are easily placed into a loving home. I also know that outreach to a certain kind of expectant mother will help. I think both adoption and crisis pregnancy outreach are wonderful examples of what can work, they just will not be the only ways to resolve this problem.

    There are mothers out in the world outside the church who may never be a good parent. They may not even care about themselves, much less a child. It is very easy for us to sit in our comfortable homes and forget that not everyone is the same. Until we step up and really take responsabilty for not only the unwanted pregnancies, but also the disabled and elderly, I cannot be pro-life.

    What I am trying to say is that every one of us needs to “cross the street” not as Josh said, but TO the unwed mother or the pregnant young lady who has emotional or financial problems, the children currently living is institutions or worse unqualified foster care as they are growing throughout childhood, the parents of a disabled child, the children of an elderly gentleman that do not have the time or resources to care for him, The elderly lady that sits in a nursing home without a visitor…ever because no one cares for her, the man sitting in jail who never talks to his young son about personal responsabilty or anything else for that matter because he doesnt understand the importance of fatherhood. We live in a country that has great wealth, but we tend to forget, also great suffering that appears to be perpetual and disproportionaly affecting the lowest of our socio-economic classes.

    There are little things we all can do that may make a difference. In the long run it may be an exercise in futility, but enforcing pro-life laws before there is some sort of real plan of action is sure to compound all the problems in the future. From experience, we can not expect someone else to take care of it. We all will have to do our part. While typing this I was wondering when the last time I did something positive, and I cannot even remember. Guess I need to my part as well. Sorry about the spelling…

  8. Troy says:


    The truth is that know one knows what happens to aborted babies eternal souls. They have not had the chance to commit sin or to recieve Christ. God is sovreign and will have mercy on those he chooses to have mercy and pour out judgement on those he chooses to pour out judgement. However, our responsibility is not their eternal souls. That is God’s department. Our responsibility is to speak out against injustice and plead the cause of the fatherless… This is one of our many functions as salt and light in the world. A baby’s heart beat can be detected 12 days after conception. Most mothers do not know they are pregnant before then. A human life ends when the heart (or other vital organ) stops functioning permanently. Does it not stand to reason that a human life begins when the vital organs begin to function? Taking a life especially of the innocent is a tragedy and an abomination before the creator of life. It is not unforgiveable yet tragic. Most of the abortion movement is about adult sexual freedom without responsibility for the consequences. This too is against God’s design. sexual expression of love is for marriage where kids can be nurtured. When we choose to step outside of that design there are consequences for both parents and child. Those consequences are bourne by the unborn child alone thorugh abortion. God forgive us.

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