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Engaging Current Issues with Timeless Truth (Today's Critical Concerns)It may be hard to believe that Culture Shift: Engaging Current Issues with Timeless Truth is Albert Mohler’s first book. After all, few evangelical thinkers are as prolific as Mohler, both through his daily blog and weekday radio show.

Culture Shift gives the reader 20 of Mohler’s best essays, covering a wide variety of topics. Mohler speaks of the relationship between American politics and Christian faith. He spends several chapters on the relationship between Christianity and public law, exposing the myth that our nation’s laws could ever be completely “secular.” He covers many of the hot-button issues of our day, including the nation’s shifting opinions regarding abortion.

Don’t read this book without a pencil or highlighter in hand. Mohler has a way with words, and you will want to come back to some of his hard-hitting statements.

Though Culture Shift is a commendable book, I was disappointed to discover that it is little more than a “Best Of” collection of Mohler’s blog posts and essays. I expected a weighty work that transcends the immediate/urgent nature of his daily writings. It serves its purpose as a current commentary on some of today’s important issues, which means that much of the book might be out-of-date within a few years.

That said, I’m glad this book exists. I realize that not everyone follows Dr. Mohler’s blog and radio show, so these essays will be new to most people. Nowhere else can you find some of Mohler’s best work in book form. I look forward to passing this book along to some of my family members who will enjoy Mohler’s perspective on current events.

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