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Nick Moore writes of the nature of church discipline and the right and wrong ways we go about it. A terrific word of challenge, encouragement, and warning to those who wish to reinstate this practice.

Many evangelicals have recently been asking the question: Is our gospel too small? Now, some evangelicals are pushing back. D.A. Carson recently warned against making the gospel too big by downplaying those doctrines “of first importance.” David Fitch writes about how making the gospel too big may actually hinder effective evangelism. Much-needed conversation and dialogue!

Tullian Tchividjian’s upcoming book Unfashionable is terrific. Check out this excerpt on his blog: “When Shock Gives Way to Submission.”

An interesting article on the nature of male friendships in previous centuries. Some of these pictures may surprise you.

Christianity Today compares the Democratic and Republican party platforms plank-by-plank on issues important to evangelicals.

I like Rick Warren more and more these days. He’s leading the charge in providing a civil political conversation for evangelicals. Check out this interview, in which he insists that evangelicals are not moving left on abortion.

Do you want to live longer? Have more kids.

Tony Kummer launches Sunday School Wiki. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Top Post this Week at Kingdom People: Top 5 Christian Theologians – Who Did I Leave Out?

Coming up next week at Kingdom People… We’ll take a look at a new book about postmodern conversions. I am writing a post about how truth is beautiful and should therefore lead to beautiful presentations of truth. I am wrapping up my series on “Gospel Definitions” from scholars and pastors. If you have come across a definition of “the gospel” that I have never posted on the blog (see the list here), then by all means, send it my way.

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