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“… Salvation is not just about a new you, but a new world – a world in which you have been chosen to play a part. We trust in the God who has promised this new world, and we long eagerly for the day when Christ will return. Jesus instructs us to pray, ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.’ In other words, Lord, bring the rule of heaven here!

– a quote from my forthcoming book, Holy Subversion: Allegiance to Christ in an Age of Rivals

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7 thoughts on “There's a New World Coming…”

  1. Dr. Paul W. Foltz says:

    The new world is our position on Christ which includes 38 things we did not have nefore our conversion experience.[ see Grace, by Lewis sperry Chafer].

  2. RJ says:

    I don’t believe that Christ expects us to just sit back and wait for Him to bring the “New World” to us. To me that is “couch potato Christianity”. Instead, by His actions and words Christ gave us a definite call to action to do our part to make sure His will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

  3. Dr. Paul W. Foltz says:

    RJ=”Thy will be done IN US, as it is in heaven.”
    Prayer that God will fave his way in our lives.
    ”This treasure we have in earthen vessels.”

  4. Rob says:

    Hey Trevin,

    great quote! If this quote is anything to go by your book promises to be a great read. all the best with it and may God use it to bless and challenge many.

  5. Weston says:

    I can’t wait Trevin! The book is gonna be great

  6. Chuck says:

    great quote, I’m also looking forward to the book.

  7. Dan Martin says:

    You’re in good company here, Trevin. One of my favorite quotes from N.T. Wright’s “Surprised by Hope” that resonates very closely to what you just said:

    “…to insist on heaven and hell as the ultimate question–to insist, in other words, that what happens eventually to individual humans is the most important thing in the world–may be to make a mistake similar to the one made by the Jewish people in the first century, the mistake that both Jesus and Paul addressed. Israel believed (so Paul tells us, and he should know) that the purposes of the creator God all came down to this question: how is God going to rescue Israel? What the gospel of Jesus revealed, however, was that the purposes of God were reaching out to a different question: how is God going to rescue the world through Israel and thereby rescue Israel itself as part of the process but not as the point of it all? Maybe what we are faced with in our own day is a similar challenge: to focus not on the question of which human beings God is going to take to heaven and how he is going to do it but on the question of how God is going to redeem and renew his creation through human beings and how he is going to rescue those humans themselves as part of the process but not as the point of it all.”

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