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Please read this interview with Sycloria Williams, a woman who went to the doctor for a late-term abortion and then delivered a live baby.

Williams said she stood against the wall, glancing in horror at her newborn baby. “She wasn’t moving much. Twitching, gasping for air. She wasn’t crying though, just hissing. Hissing sounds only.”

The sight of a fully formed baby was a complete surprise to Williams.

Gonzalez, the clinic’s owner, who has no health care licensing, came into the waiting room, cut the umbilical cord, and scooped Shanice’s body into a red biohazard bag, sealed it and tossed it into a trash can.

 … The police found the baby’s decomposing body in a cardboard box in a closet at the clinic.

Read the whole interview.

And then read this post from Owen Strachan:

Let me say one more thing here: there is nothing worse than abortion. There are horrible sins in this world: lying, stealing, cheating, greed, systemic and individual acts of racism, and much, much more.

But there is nothing worse than abortion. It is the pinnacle of wickedness. It is the murder of the helpless, those who cannot even lift their head or move their arms to defend themselves. It is the scourge of American society; it is by a great distance the worst institutional sin of our country; it is a reality that demands judgment.

… And shame on people like myself who know of this evil, and others (racism great and small, greed, class injustice, etc), and do nothing, or next to nothing, about it and them. It’s not that we can singlehandedly overturn massive social sins like this one; we may very well not be able to. But we should fight much, much harder than we do, pray much, much longer than we do, and weep much, much more than we do for the least of us: the defenseless unborn.

Abortion is the worst sin we know. It is our scourge. It is not an option for Christians to fight it, as if we can pick from a fast-food menu of sins to fight. The very substance and nature of our faith in Christ, the guardian of the defenseless, demands that we fight abortion, in whatever way we can. I do not believe that this is an option for us as believers; it is by its very nature a mandate, an unavoidable responsibility.

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4 thoughts on “The Pinnacle of Wickedness”

  1. Dr. Paul Foltz says:

    Abortion is premeditated Murder. And no murderer hhath eternal life inside of him.

  2. Owen Strachan is surely right to say that abortion “is a reality that demands judgment.” Yet, what if abortion is God’s divine judgment upon our nation, our society, our culture? What if, as In Romans 1 Paul identifies homosexuality as God’s judgment upon humanity for idolatry, abortion also is God’s judgment upon modern pagan humanity for its idolatry?

    Indeed, we ought to loathe and to oppose abortion, just as we do homosexuality. Yet, it may well be that like homosexuality, abortion is God’s blight upon humanity for humanity’s idolatry.

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