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Here’s the gospel in a phrase. Because Christ died for us, those who trust in him may know that their guilt has been pardoned once and for all. What will we have to say before the bar of God’s judgment? Only one thing. Christ died in my place. That’s the gospel.

Alistair Begg, from Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross: Experiencing the Passion and Power of Easter

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6 thoughts on “Gospel Definitions: Alistair Begg”

  1. Matthew Svoboda says:

    I love Alistair Begg and this is another example as to why…

  2. pastor jim sharp says:

    i’ve been having fellowship with you, your posts and links to excellent resources for a few months now. i am helped, encouraged and challenged by your e-ministry. i borrowed your ps. 23 prayer for an aspect of our worship service last Lord’s day.

    thank you for being a faithful means of grace.

    i’m praying for romania (i’ve been there and never been the same).

    in His almighty love,

    jim sharp
    good shepherd church
    englewood, fl

  3. While I understand the desire to present the Gospel in succinct and powerful way, and I have great respect for the Begg, this statement seems to be quite reductionistic. While penal and substitutionary atonement are a huge and immensely important part of the Gospel, if they are the only aspects preached, it seems to me that the whole Gospel is not preached. Nothing is said here of Christ’s Lordship, new-birth, freedom from sin’s slavery, defeat sin and Satan’s power by Christ or God’s restoration of all things through the New Creation. The Gospel is certainly not less, but is more than substitutionary and penal atonement.

  4. Paul says:

    Agree with comment #4. Begg’s presentation, though succinct, fall short in the area of implication/significance of our pardon. The righteous life that Christ lived was, as well as the ignominious death he died, was equally in our stead.

  5. Logos Bible Software is offering The Alistair Begg Collection (3 Vols.) with three of his popular works: Made For His Pleasure: Ten Benchmarks of a Vital Faith, Pathway to Freedom: How God’s Laws Guide Our Lives, and The Hand of God: Finding His Care in All Circumstances. Thought you might be interested!

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