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The gospel is the good news that God, who is more holy than we can imagine, looked upon with compassion, people, who are more sinful than we would possibly admit, and sent Jesus into history to establish his Kingdom and reconcile people and the world to himself. Jesus, whose love is more extravagant than we can measure, came to sacrificially die for us so that, by His death and resurrection, we might gain through His grace what the Bible defines as new and eternal life.

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5 thoughts on “Gospel Definitions: Ed Stetzer”

  1. Dr. Paul Foltz says:

    He tasted death foe every man, bur definitely atoned for the sins of those, whom the Father had given Him in the Covenant of Grace.

  2. Nick says:

    Still loving the series! So when are you going to do St. Peter’s take on the Gospel or St Paul’s? It’s amazing how many different ways the gospel is presented. For myself, I’ve been trying to use the language of the New Testament more and more.

    “Jesus was handed over to sinful men to die on a cross; but God raised him up because he was the promised Messiah, the true King of the world. Jesus sits at the right hand of God and will one day return to judge all and bring times of refreshing. Therefore, repent and turn to Jesus for the forgiveness of sins and so that you might receive the Holy Spirit.”

  3. Nick says:

    But I usually try to use good grammar! ;)

  4. theophilogue says:

    This definition seems idiosyncratic on a few levels. The most important is this: It leaves out a crucial aspect of the kerygma: the resurrection.

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