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Corina and I and the kids arrived yesterday in Romania for a two-week stay. The plane trip was not as difficult as we expected, but our first night here was long. The jet lag is hard on the kids (not to mention us adults!).

A few months ago, several blog readers helped us come up with the funds to translate my book, Holy Subversion, into Romanian so that I could teach the material to pastoral students here in their native tongue. I will begin teaching the contents of my book on Monday. I will also be preaching in several churches in the area this week. Tomorrow, I preach at the church where Corina’s dad pastors, as well as Emanuel Baptist in the afternoon.

We are excited to be back in Romania after a 4-year absence. It has already been wonderful to see family that we have not seen in a very long time. I ask my readers to continue praying for us as we are here – that we will have a terrific time with family and friends and that I will be able to effectively minister to the Romanian congregations and students.

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2 thoughts on “Arrival in Romania”

  1. Kevin says:


    Please tell all our brothers and sisters in Lugas that we love them and are praying for them. Especially tell the Trifans! We will be praying for you big time all day today and especially tomorrow.

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