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7 thoughts on “Gospel Definitions – PDF Format”

  1. Josh Walker says:


    Thanks for putting this list together. It is very helpful. I just scanned the 29-page booklet and I did not notice the references for the definitions. Would it be possible to add them?

  2. aaron miller says:

    thank you, in a day when the central point is in dispute, your compilation is most useful. it is interesting to read that the overwhelming thinking and agreement of what the gospel is, is that we were created in purity, holiness, and thus in the likeness of God: that this was and is and will for ever be the the only acceptable standard of righteousness before God: that sin has irreparably stained us, rendering us completely incapable of mustering the standard; thus God has taken upon himself to accomplish in us, by his soveriegn grace alone, and through faith, what he has required of us by placing upon Christ our sin, which he bore on the cross and all of its related wrath from God, and has imputed to us the credit of the perfectly obedience of Christ, cleansing us of all unrighteousness, robing us in the righteousness of Christ, that we may stand justified before the throne of Grace, in prayer and assurance in this life, and for eternity in the life to come.

  3. Brian says:

    Hmmm… 29 pages and no women. Are we to read anything into that? Where are the likes of Catherine of Siena, Teresa of Avila, or Térèse of Lisieux? Is the lack of women in these pages a subconscious bias? Or perhaps is there an overt bias interpreting Paul as forbidding women to teach in the church? Can a simple waitress at the local diner formulate a cogent definition of the gospel, or must we rely solely on “learned” men?

  4. Trevin Wax says:


    Good question! As far as I know, I don’t have a handy definition from these ladies (nor from a variety of theologians, like Barth, calvin, etc.).

    I only post what I find. I would love to include some women, so if you find Gospel Definitions from some women throughout church history, send them my way.

  5. Brian says:

    This isn’t a strict gospel definition, yet in this prayer of Térèse of Lisieux we see indeed a marvelous acclamation of what the gospel is (ie God’s gift of his Son, our paticipation in his crucifixion, a zeal to share him with others, and our place with Him in eternity).

    “Since you have loved me so much as to give me Your Only-Begotten Son to be
    my Savior and my Spouse, then infinite treasures of His merits are mine. Gladly do I
    offer them to You, and I beg of You to behold me only through the Eyes of Jesus, and in
    His Heart aflame with love. I thank You, O My God, for all the graces You have granted me: especially for having purified me in the crucible of suffering. At the Day of Judgment I shall gaze on You with joy, as You bear Your scepter of the Cross. And since You have deigned to give me this precious Cross as my portion, I hope to be perfected unto You in Paradise and to witness the Sacred Wounds of Your Passion shine on my glorified body. I wish to labor for Your Love alone—with the sole aim of pleasing You, of consoling Your Sacred Heart, and of saving souls who will love You through Eternity.”

  6. Drew says:

    Trevin, thanks for taking the time to compile this into a PDF. In hindsight, I should have offered to do it myself if you hadn’t already done it. Alas. Thank you!

  7. Evelyn R.W. says:

    To me the the Gospel is an instruction as to how we are to live our lives in rightousness, and treat others as we would like to be treated. It shows us the Mercy of God and his loving kindness!!!!

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