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rgheorghitaDuring my years of study in Romania, I was challenged by the example of one professor in particular – Dr. Radu Gheorghita. Dr. Gheorghita is a Romanian scholar who now teaches at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I was fortunate enough to take Hermeneutics, Greek, and New Testament with him while studying at Emanuel University.

I have never met someone so passionate about knowing the Scriptures in the original languages. Dr. Gheorghita disciplines himself in the memorization of the Greek New Testament – having committed several books to memory already. I am thankful for his love for the Bible and also for his endorsement of Holy Subversion.

The bridge between the biblical world and ours is a two-way path. Most travelers start from the Here-and-Now world and equipped with the tools of exegesis step back in space-time into the There-and-Then world.

Trevin Wax makes a bold proposal for a journey in the opposite direction. What would it be like if the biblical authors were to step into our own world? How would Moses, David, Paul, or even Jesus proclaim God’s message if they were living today?

The author’s creative and persuasive proposal invites the readers to ponder what they might plausibly hear if the biblical imperative against idolatry were given to us today.

– Dr. Radu Gheorghita
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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2 thoughts on “Radu Gheorghita Endorsement for Holy Subversion”

  1. Hey Trevin, I just happened to find your blog today, and here you’re featuring one of my all time favorite profs I learned under. I had Dr. Gheorghita for Greek and Exposition of Hebrews, and the man truly has a passion for learning and the Bible. Your book must be a good one to get his stamp of approval!

  2. Trevin Wax says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, Dr. Gheorghita is one of the best. I’ve benefited greatly from his teaching, and he has been gracious enough to give a kind word about my book.

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