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Lord God Almighty,
I understand that I am unable to do anything without your help,
so I ask you to enable me by your grace to fulfill your will.

Give me grace to do whatever brings most glory and honor to you,
pleasure and profit to me,
and life and love to others.

Help me to number my days,
spending my time wisely,
living my life with all my might while I still have breath.

Humble me in the knowledge that I am chief of sinners;
when I hear of the sins of others,
help me to not look upon them with pride,
but to look upon myself with shame,
confessing my own sins to you.

When I go through difficulties and trials,
remind me of the pains of hell
from which you have already delivered me.

Place people in my path who need my help,
and give me a compassionate and generous spirit.

Fill my heart with such love
that I would never do anything out of a spirit of revenge,
nor lose my temper with those around me.
Hold my tongue when I am tempted to speak evil of others.

Thank you for the gospel and for the hope of glory.
Help me to live in light of these truths every day of my life,
so that when the time of my death arrives,
I will rest assuredly in you,
and you will be most glorified in me.

In Christ’s name…

- Trevin Wax (adapted from the first 21 of Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions)

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9 thoughts on “A Prayer for the New Year (adapted from Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions)”

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you for turning Jonathan Edwards’ words into such a powerful prayer. One that is abounding in truth that I need to stay focused on daily. To Christ be all Glory!

  2. Dan Zerbe says:

    Very good and helpful.
    I think the last 7 might make a good addition.
    May we use this as a reading in church? If so, may I change the language to the plural for the congregation’s use?

  3. Trevin Wax says:

    Sure. Feel free!

  4. Niek says:

    Thank you so much for using your gifts to help me Trevin.
    For many years i have been so frustrated with my prayer life. Now i visit your prayer room daily. Finally…. no more guilt when i do come with my list of requests.
    Liturgical prayers seemed superficial. Not so, i have been “practicing” for six month and find a depth of intimacy with God i have never had!

  5. eduardo patino says:

    beautiful prayer. thank you for sending it my dear friend jt. god bless you.

  6. eduardo patino says:

    I translated it into Spanish so it may be shared to Spanish speaking people. Blessings.

  7. Alma Williams says:

    Beautiful prayer! I’m going to use it as a daily prayer in the mornings to start my day.


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