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Yesterday, I posted an interview with John Ensor about his work with Heartbeat International. Today, I have one follow-up question about a recent development in the pro-life movement.

Trevin Wax: What do you think of the recent media coverage given to the Atlanta billboard campaign (“Black children are an endangered species”)?

John Ensor: Funny you should ask.  I just met last week with Ryan Bomberger, who designed the campaign.  We became friends a year ago when he told me his amazing story (conceived in rape, almost aborted, adopted by white Christian family, one of 13 children, etc.).  He and his “Endangered Species” Campaign is a wonderful sign of what we call the Third Wave.

Trevin Wax: Explain that for us. What is the third wave of the pro-life movement?

John Ensor: In the first wave, Catholics took the lead is declaring the inherent evil of abortion.  Evangelicals then flooded in to help advance the pregnancy help movement.  The Third Wave points to the victory of our movement and the downfall of abortion as a business, when Black and Hispanic Christians not only join this movement, but lead it.

The Endangered Species Campaign is causing many people, black and white, to look at the connections between racism and abortion and to reassess their views.  But Trevin, I am pleased to report that this is just one of several signs of the Third Wave.

Trevin Wax: What are some of the other signs?

John Ensor: The release of the documentary Maafa 21 is magnificent piece of research.  It is well done and opening eyes within the Black Christian community like never before.

Last January, Bound 4 Life (those radical young Christians who stand with a piece of red tape over their months and pray for spiritual revival in America) made a challenging video clip exposing the racism and called young people to gathered outside the new Planned Parenthood Super Store opening in the predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhood of Houston. 14,000 kids showed up to stand and intercede.

Rev. Arnold Culbreath, of Protecting Black Life, recently loaded 65 Black pastors in Miami onto buses in order to visit Heartbeat of Miami. This pregnancy help medical clinic serves amidst 30 plus abortion business targeting Miami’s minority neighborhoods.  Arnold believes if these Black pastors drop the dodge that abortion is a conservative political concern, rather than a biblical matter of justice, and if they break the silence in their pulpits and get behind the pregnancy help movement, they will see the abortion industry collapse before their very eyes.

Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King (and board member at Heartbeat International) is now tirelessly and painfully speaking about her two abortions.  She explains how deceived she was and is calling on the Black community to see that the reason Jim Crow laws were evil, is the same reason abortion is evil; both are examples of powerful people devaluing the human life of powerless people.  She is a true Third Wave leader.

Alveda came with me to Pittsburgh in November, 2008.  We went there to led support to an urban initiative undertaken by two white suburban pregnancy centers who decided to merge, move into the city and partner with the Black Christian community there.  That kind of resolve and courage is worth supporting.  Alveda helped them highlight how all 4 abortion businesses in Pittsburgh are in or adjacent to the predominant Black neighborhood of Wilkinsburg.  Her testimony inspired many to act.

In January, 2010, the Women’s Resource Network dedicated and opened a new office in Wilkinsburg.  Covenant Church, led by Bishop Joseph Garlington, provides the space and contributes to the leadership.  This is the Third Wave.

Trevin Wax: How does the racial component of abortion make this tragic killing even more unspeakable?

John Ensor: The tragedy that our Black and Latino neighbors represent 25% of our population but suffer 59% of all abortions arouses me to do everything I can, in the name of Jesus, to steer the pregnancy help movement into the city.  I found one block in LA where their are 4 abortion businesses within 100 feet of each other!  I think it the neediest neighborhood in America in want of a pregnancy center.  So if anyone wants to get involved, visit any of these links or join me in our urban initiatives at Heartbeat International.

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3 thoughts on “Are Black Children an Endangered Species? John Ensor on the Third Wave”

  1. bobw says:

    how are those in the “third wave” addressing the stigma around adoption in black culture? at least in my area, it is clear that giving your child for adoption is not seen as a viable option.

  2. Matt Stokes says:

    Great interview, but the theology that many in Bound 4 Life espouse is pretty far off the reservation, very much in the mold of Mike Bickle (IHOP) and the Jesus Camp crowd.

  3. Steve says:

    The divides in America between Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal, Religious and Secular are real, important, and not going away.

    There are voices of clarity out there, helping to delineate the divides so that the rest of us can line up behind the positions we agree with.

    Here is one of the most important articles you will ever read:

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