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I began, “you wish that I manifest
here the essence of my ready belief,
and you ask also about the cause of it,
and I answer, I believe in one God
alone and eternal who, not moved,
moves all the heavens with love and with desire…
and I believe in three eternal Persons,
and these I believe one Essence, so unified
and threefold that they agree with both are and is.
On the profound, divine state of being
of which I speak now, the evangelical doctrine
many times puts the seal.
This is the source, this is the spark
which afterward grows into a living flame,
and shines within me, like a star in heaven.”

Dante Alighiere (1268-1321), The Divine Comedy

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One thought on “The Essence of My Ready Belief…”

  1. Radagast says:

    Happy to see Dante being quoted. That’s his “Paradiso,” isn’t it?

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