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Newsflash! Your kids want to play with you:

Children overwhelmingly prefer playing with their friends and parents over watching TV. When children across the world were asked to choose between watching TV or playing with friends or parents, they overwhelmingly choose to play with friends (89%) and parents (73%) with TV a very poor substitute for social interaction at only 11%.

Brandon O’Brien says small churches are the next big thing, but hopes this is not a consumerist strategy:

I think that the future will belong to small churches. But I want to be darn sure that we begin to favor small church ministry for the right reasons and not simply because we think we’ve found a way to win a new share of the religious market.

Seth Odom interviews Jesuit theologian Joseph Fitzmyer (now approaching 90 years of age) on a variety of subjects, including the New Perspective on Paul:

Seth Odom: In your commentary on Romans you not only quoted from Catholic scholars but from scholars in the Protestant tradition as well…

Joseph A. Fitzmyer: I usually quote from any commentator who seems to have caught the genuine sense of a Pauline phrase. What I am driving at here is the interpretation of a biblical text according to the historical-critical method.

Carl Trueman on two ways that churches mistreat history:

An idolatry of the new and the novel, with the concomitant disrespect for anything traditional; or a nostalgia for the past which is little more than an idolatry of the old and the traditional.

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3 thoughts on “Worth a Look 5.31.10”

  1. Terry Chapman says:

    Trevin, so am I understanding correctly that a Jesuit theologian is Catholic? Since I do not agree with Catholic doctrine would his works on Paul be of interest to me?

  2. Trevin Wax says:

    I’m not very familiar with Fitzmyer’s work. (I’ve seen him quoted here and there.) But I’ve heard that he sounds more Protestant than many Protestants at times, especially on issues surrounding the New Perspective on Paul. I thought the interview provided an interesting take on Protestant debates over Paul from a Catholic outsider.

  3. Marcus says:

    Hi Terry,

    Fitzmyer is a top notch scholar that Protestants definitely can glean from. He takes the text very very seriously. You won’t agree with everything he says, but you probably won’t agree with everything that anybody says.

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