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Links for your weekend reading:

1. Evangelizing Ourselves: The Gospel is for Christians Too – a must-read article from Mark Galli.

2. The video and audio for D.A. Carson’s The God Who is There is now available for download.

3. Top 25 Failed Tech Predictions on Computers: #1 – “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” (1977)

4. Help! I’m Looking for Jesus in the Old Testament

5. Looking for a great Christmas gift? Like Monopoly in the Depression, Settlers of Catan is the board game of our time

6. Is ghostwriting dishonest? Randy Alcorn says it is a scandal in Christian circles. Jared Wilson weighs in here. On a related note, The Chronicle of Higher Education has a report from a ghostwriter of essays and dissertations for college (and even seminary) students.

7. Eighty over Eighty: The Most Influential Octogenerians in America

Christmas Bonus: Sign up at Zach Nielsen’s blog to win several good books from Crossway.

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2 thoughts on “Trevin's Seven”

  1. Scott says:

    I thought the article from Galli was rather alarming. It goes downhill from the very first sentence.

    “When Christians share their faith with others—especially those of other faiths—our conversation sometimes begins with an unfortunate assumption: that we Christians have absorbed the message of Jesus and that non-Christians have not.”

    He unfortunately lumps non-Christians and Christians into the same categories again and again, failing to note the distinction between the two given throughout the New Testament. I’d recommend reading it with Berean eyes.

    Peace in JC,

  2. Trevin Wax says:


    I think his main point is a gospel one: we are all sinners in need of grace, and even once we’ve accepted the truth, we still need grace.

    He writes:

    We are tempted at this point to wonder, “But haven’t we Christians accepted that invitation, and non-Christians have not? Doesn’t that make a difference? Aren’t we called to invite non-Christians to follow Christ?”

    But of course!

    It could be that I’ve misunderstood the point of his post, but I think he’s trying to insert our evangelistic efforts with a good dose of gospel humility that shatters self-righteousness.

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