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2 thoughts on “Gospel Definitions: Josh Moody”

  1. Clay says:

    This seems to be a factually correct summary of what Jesus did and generally what it means. I guess it’s a good definition insofar as it expresses the gospel in general enough terms that it crosses theological boundaries. But such a reduced, “just the facts” expression of the gospel is not inspiring. Yes, these facts are true, but what do they mean? In what sense can I experience this new life?

    Something important is lost with all this focus on “defining” the gospel. The Gospels don’t record Jesus giving us a comprehensive, logically precise explanation of what His incarnation, death, and resurrection means. He used parables and images because the gospel is a mystery. That’s why he left the Church with baptism and the eucharist rather than a theological texbook. The meaning of Jesus transcends language, and I think the meaning of the gospel message is weakened when we try to reduce it to a correct definition.

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