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This 10-minute video clip explores the persecution of Christians under Ceausescu’s Romania. It includes video and audio from Richard Wurmbrand, Nicolae Moldoveanu, and more. We in the West would do well to learn from our brothers and sisters who have endured persecution for their faith.

Here are some lines from the latter part of the video that stand out:

  • For you, it is not just a prison. It’s your parish.
  • God will judge us not according to how much we endured, but how much we could love.
  • “Lord, how can I thank you that I am among those being tortured and mocked and that because of your mercy, I was not among those who torture and mock!”
  • “With every blow you give, a prayer rises to God so you may be forgiven.”
  • Here is the greatest thing: when you see that the man torturing you is more afflicted than you who are being tortured.
  • Without love, we are absolutely nothing.

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13 thoughts on “"With Every Blow You Give, I Pray for Your Forgiveness"”

  1. Paul C says:

    Wow. This is deep and powerful. What kind of mindset these people possessed, to suffer for their Saviour so? Mind-boggling.

  2. Michael Snow says:

    Very inspiring.

    What is sad today is that with the hard economic times [e.g. teachers and other public workers’ wages cut 42 percent], many look back to the better ‘old days’ under communism.

  3. manna says:

    I am Romanian and I know some of these people, like Ferenc Visky, Niculita Moldovan, Petre Tutea, father Steinhardt and Richard Wurmbrand. I was baptized in Christ by a christian brother who was in prison with them. This movie brought tears in my eyes, and I thank God for all these wonderful christian people and their love for Him. PRAISE BE THE LORD !!!

  4. Ken Zintak says:

    Thank you for posting this powerful and profound video. We can learn so much through the suffering of the saints.

    BTW: I do hope Christians realize that this torture, imprisonment, persecution continues even now! I can’t imagine what is happening to our brothers and sisters in North Korea, for example. Even in China, there’s a serious crackdown happening with House Churches and human rights activists.

    Please visit our “Christian Advocacy Now” facebook page and website. Our goal is very simple, we want to inform, organize, and inspire Christians to pray and advocate for the oppressed.

    Totally enjoy your blog. It’s a “must-vist” everyday.

    God Bless.

    Ken Zintak

  5. Ailisha says:

    If you are on facebook, there are pages there for Richard Wurmbrand, Nicolae Moldoveanu, and Ferenc Visky, full of great stories and sermons and photos. Rev. Visky’s page is
    and the others can be found just by searching for their names — all well worth a look.

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