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Check out this online debate on the question “The local church is the best place for theological education”:

“Theological Education Belongs in the Church” — Spencer MacCuish
“The Value of Educational Institutions and ‘Pure Research’ for Ministry Training” - Jonathan Pennington
“Response to Pennington” - Spencer MacCuish
“Response to MacCuish” — Jonathan Pennington
“Theological Education Debate Wrap-Up and My Own $.02″ — Gerald Hiestand

Joe Thorn on rebuilding a healthy schedule:

A couple months ago I was confronted with my out-of-whack workload and schedule… It wasn’t just that I was working too hard, but that I had also started listening to Devil’s lies… Before I could begin constructing a better schedule I had to confront the lies the devil had been whispering in my ear that I was actually believing.

Attack of the Zombie Brands! (HT)

Poke around the vast consumer products marketplace, and it’s easy to find dead or dormant brands that have been revived or trotted out for second or third chances, from low-end autos to high-end couture, from mass-market soft drinks to gossipy magazines. What gives? Why kill a product only to resurrect it?

Thabiti Anyabwile – Learning to Pray… Again:

Have you mastered prayer? I haven’t.  I suspect few Christians would report having mastered this great privilege and discipline.  In fact, I suspect that most Christians may even feel burdened by their lack of prayer and the seeming ineffectiveness of prayer.  We read “pray without ceasing” and it becomes “guilt without ceasing.”

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One thought on “Worth a Look 5.18.11”

  1. Mark says:

    Excellent site, thanks. I thought I was the only one feeling guilt!

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