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Matt Perman on the significance of the Piper / Warren conversation:

The main point here is that we don’t have to choose between deep thinking and effective practical action. Instead, they drive one another: thinking hard about truth motivates and directs wise, effective practical action for good. We should think theologically about the practical for the sake of love. The Piper-Warren interview models this well, and gives both the more practically oriented and the more doctrinally oriented something to think about.

Church Growth vs. Church SeasonsNot every church is in the “My, how you’ve grown!” stage, and that’s okay

Healthy churches do often grow, and sometimes for long periods of time (i.e. 20-25 years!). But healthy churches also plateau, decline, and receive pruning from God’s hand. Size is not in our hands.Size is in the hands of the Sovereign one.

Refocused: An Interview with Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly:

The reputation of Focus on the Family seems to be changing. For a while journalists made it seem to be an essentially political organization.

Our budget has always been roughly 90 percent toward the bread and butter, marriage and parenting issues, and 10 percent toward policy. That really hasn’t changed. What has changed is how we address the issues in terms of tone. . . . Everything I’m trying to do at Focus on the Family is to win the culture. I’m most concerned about our expression of the gospel preventing somebody from coming to the conclusion that Christ is who He said He was. I’m not saying that was the case before, but I am saying that as a Christian I want to make sure that my words, my rhetoric, my fervor for truth are balanced with God’s grace.

The 50 Best / Worst Childhood Fads

They were the best of fads, they were the worst of fads—all at the same time. The faddish objects of our childhood were sometimes loved and sometimes hated but they were hard to ignore. Here are a list of the 50 best/worst from the 1960s to today…

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