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Earlier this week, I posted about the “Rise of Blogs and the Demise of Traditional Media.” In response, a friend passed along this article from last month’s Economist, which proclaims “the end of mass media” and points to a return of sorts to the 19th century delivery of news:

There is a great historical irony at the heart of the current transformation of news. The industry is being reshaped by technology—but by undermining the mass media’s business models, that technology is in many ways returning the industry to the more vibrant, freewheeling and discursive ways of the pre-industrial era.

Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, and the Misnomer of Hit Singles:

Pop tart Katy Perry, who started her professional career as a contemporary Christian singer, recently made history as the first female artist to score five No. 1 hits off of a single album. The last album to do that was none other than Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” However, nearly a quarter century ago Jackson’s radio domination resulted in the sale of over 30 million copies of “Bad,” while Perry’s “Teenage Dream” hasn’t even cracked the two million mark. What has happened to the juggernaut that was the pop music business?

Makoto Fujimura on “Ground Zero and the American Dream”:

Theologically, the whole of earth is “Ground Zero.” We live in the fallen world in which every good, true and beautiful reality is quickly idolized to something selfish, greedy and destructive. Christ came to redeem this path to self-destruction by taking on all of our “pride of the flesh” on the Cross. Christ is the God of Ground Zero.

“Ground Zero,” in Christ, can also mean a cancellation point, a new beginning where we can stand on the ashes of the Wasteland we see and still seek renewal and “genesis moments.”

Maggie Gallagher on the reframing of the marriage debate to one of “equality” rather than morality:

Advocates of gay marriage are not slow to use any lever of power, including government, to impose their new morality on America. The primary goal of the existing gay marriage movement is to use cultural, social, economic, and political power to create a new norm: marriage equality. The governing idea behind “marriage equality” is this: there is no difference between same-sex and opposite-sex unions. If you see a difference, there is something wrong with you. “You’re a hater, you’re a bigot, and you need to be fired!” Watch out.

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