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When Doctrine Isn’t Enough:

Doctrinal precision is absolutely necessary. But it isn’t enough. May God grant us grace to love others with no less fervor than we love the truth.

Religion and the Bad New Bearers:

The widely reported decline in women’s church attendance is implausible.

Why McDonald’s Wins in Any Economy:

The fact that fast food is a somewhat cyclical business makes McDonald’s sales streak all the more impressive. But Skinner doesn’t think McDonald’s should experience serious ups and downs based on seasons or swings in the economy. He’s constantly telling shareholders and analysts that the company’s success doesn’t hinge on consumers trading down when times are tough; when customers have more to spend, they’ll spend it at McDonald’s, he says.

Gospel Indicatives and Imperatives: Where is the Debate Anyway?

 The crux of the debate seems to be the relative balance given to the communication of these two concepts in the sanctification process. The folks arguing for the indicative side of the equation might argue that 80% (I am making up the percentages for illustrative purposes only) of our communication should be focused on a theology of “remembering” or “appreciating” all that God has done for them in Christ Jesus.  “Preach the gospel to yourself everyday” seems to be one of the key phrases.  Their position is that the more God’s people meditate on the gospel in their daily lives, the more they will be motivated to put the commands of Scripture into practice.  Since the motivation is already there, the command section is not all that difficult.

Those who argue on the imperative side of the equation might strike that balance at a number of 30%-arguing that their counselees understand the content of the gospel, but that they fail to grasp what it “looks like” to live worthy of their calling.  They believe that what would be most helpful to their counselees is spending the bulk of their time focused on what the counselee must do in order to live out their calling.

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