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4 thoughts on “A Magazine is an iPad that Doesn't Work”

  1. Don Sartain says:

    1) That was hilarious
    2) Who really lets a one year old play with an iPad? Last I checked, kids that age throw things…

  2. Susan says:

    Ha ha ha….technological confusion. It used to be that babies were only learning ‘object permanence’ at that age!

  3. AStev says:

    Kinda like when you take an internet-addicted person on vacation somewhere with no web access, and all they can think about is what they might be missing.

  4. The online experience is also rewiring our brains, according to some, perhaps in ways that are hindering our ability to learn and think, especially in regard to storing less in long-term memory and overloading short-term memory. Here’s an interesting article on the topic from Wired magazine:

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