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 What to look for in a potential group leader:

We just look at our group and go “sure, that sounds nice, but…nobody in here could be a leader.” I think I’ve heard that more than anything else and when I start to dig, the reason for this is that we are often looking for an “ideal” instead of a few tangible signs that this person is headed in the right direction.  Here are some things I look for…

The 20 Unhealthiest Cereals. (Whatever the list says, Fruity Pebbles is still my favorite!)

 Abandon the Reformation, Abandon the Gospel:

Does Reformation theology matter today? Absolutely. It is tempting to think of the Reformation as a mere political or social movement. In reality, however, the Reformation was a fight over the evangelical gospel itself. The reformers argued that God’s free and gracious acceptance of guilty sinners on the basis of the work of Christ alone is at the heart of the gospel. While the political and social context has changed since the sixteenth century, nevertheless, this issue remains at the forefront.

Brothers, We Are Not Gate Agents:

As a pastor, I’m scared of becoming nothing more than an earnest gate agent. I’m afraid of calling people to places I’ve never been. Of course, pastors are humans too. None of us have arrived. There must be room for aspiration and inspiring ourselves (so to speak) even as we try to inspire others. But my fear is that I would keep preaching about God, without really communing with Him. That I would stir people to obedience I don’t really take seriously. That I would speak earnestly of an affection for Christ that I am not earnestly pursuing. I give so many sermons and talk about God so often, I fear that I may end up exhorting people with exhortations I’ve learned to ignore.

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