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Jolly Old Saint Nicholas:

This year I visited the house of Saint Nicholas.

It was in a hot town, nothing at all like the North Pole. There were no penguins, not even ice for my Diet Coke. My clearest memory was standing where the great pastor was buried and knowing his body had been stolen. Nicholas was no longer in the town he loved and no longer slept surrounded by his beloved people.

Ross Douthat: “The Tempting of the Christian Right”

His candidacy isn’t a test of religious conservatives’ willingness to be good, forgiving Christians. It’s a test of their ability to see their cause through outsiders’ eyes, and to recognize what anointing a thrice-married adulterer as the champion of “family values” would say to the skeptical, the unconverted and above all to the young.

The New Geography of Megapolitan Communities:

The article (which reports on this book) defines these megapolitan areas as “having at least one metropolitan area of 2 million people by 2040 that’s connected — via commuting patterns — to at least one other metro area of more than 250,000 people. A megapolitan cluster has several megapolitan areas that are connected by commuting, trucking or commuter airline and share terrain, climate, culture, economic base and political culture.

Nathan Finn’s review of The Sword of the Lord by Andy Himes:

The author, Andrew Himes, is a grandson of the famous fundamentalist evangelist and publisher John R. Rice. I recently had a chance to finally read the book, and I wasn’t disappointed. The Sword of the Lord is part personal memoir, part family history, and part cultural history. It’s a truly interesting book.

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