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Tim Keller: “Coming Together on Culture – Theological Issues” 

I don’t think you can tell it from reading on the internet, but among many younger leaders with Reformed and evangelical convictions there may be a slow convergence coming on the subject of the mission of the church and the relationship of Christ and culture.

Michael Horton responds here: “Christ and Culture Once More”

In the era of rapid social media, different points of view easily become classified as different schools. We shoot at each other and talk past each other, under one banner or another. That’s very different from realizing that we belong to the church together, with its long conversation, and that our discussions (even debates) today aren’t really radically new but are questions our forebears have wrestled with for a long time and in very different historical contexts that shape the views themselves.

Are Christians Fighting the Wrong “War on Christmas”? 

Sermons about the pagan origins of Christmas or the danger of rampant materialism in Christ’s name are unlikely to be heard today. In recent years the dominant message heard from the Christian community during the holiday season has been precisely the opposite. Today, it seems many Christians are offended when unchecked materialism in December is not explicitly associated with Christ. The irony.

5 Reasons Delegation Fails:

The problem, however, in many cases, rests not with the delegate, but with a leader’s failure to delegate properly. There are certainly times when the delegate drops the ball and doesn’t follow through with the task (which I believe is often one of the reasons listed below), but in my experience, the failure of delegation most often rests with the leader…

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3 thoughts on “Worth a Look 12.19.11”

  1. Michael Snow says:

    Re: Christmas and “unchecked materialism”

    There is an excellent video at the Advent Conspiracy that helps us think about how we do gift giving and also about alternaives like giving the gift of water…

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