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Denny Burk puts together a great rundown of the funniest YouTube videos each year. Taking a cue from Denny, I’d like to post a year-end collection of weather videos. Here are five newsworthy weather events that were caught on film.

As you watch these weather events, ask God to break your heart for the brokenness of our fallen world, and remember to pray for the people whose lives were affected during these storms. It’s also a good reminder to pray for the churches in these areas, as God’s people display the beauty of the gospel in their response of compassion.

1. The first-person, street-level view of the tsunami in Japan. Within six minutes, a small wave pushing cars along becomes a monstrous wall of water moving whole buildings.

2. High winds cause the stage to collapse at the Indiana State Fair. (I can’t embed this video because of the graphic nature of the fall.)

3. Here is a group of people huddling in the cooler of a gas station as the tornado passes through Joplin. You can’t see much, but the sound is pretty intense.

4. Here’s the same guy as he returns to the gas station where the previous video was filmed.

5. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago on February 2, 2011.

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