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Confessing Courage – Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

In light of Bonhoeffer’s willingness to die for the faith, the call to mutual confession may seem minor, even trite. Not to him. He knew that dictators rise and fall. Persecution comes and goes. But the Church endures, and, until Christ returns, she is full of sinners. The courageous sinner, redeemed by the blood of Christ, will fight his sin by being honest about it, confessing it both to God and a brother or sister. Such courage may not make the history books, but it will mark those written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Mitt Romney on his work as a Mormon missionary:

“We knocked on doors from morning until quite late in the evening,” he said. “We didn’t convert one person in five months. So, you understand the rejection, you know that’s a pretty high level of rejection and you get used to it. You say, ‘okay, what do I believe, what’s important to me,’ and you don’t measure yourself and your success by how other people react, but instead by how you’re doing and how you feel about the things you care about.”

The Gospel Coalition staff recommend 2011 Books:

Some of The Gospel Coalition staff have compiled a “recommended” list of books published in 2011. These are the books that stuck with us, that will continue to teach us in the coming year and beyond. We’d gladly hand out these books to friends, family, and neighbors. After you read our list, join in the fun and share your own favorite reads among the books published in 2011.

Biblical worship is lifestyle-oriented:

One of the great temptations in the life of a worshipper is compartmentalizing.  We tend to think that worship is that hour we sit, sing, and soak on Sunday mornings, and we often measure the quality of our worship by how high the emotion got in the service.

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One thought on “Worth a Look 12.28.11”

  1. Kent says:

    Romney forgot to include the fact that he had a housekeeper and cook while he served his mission in France.

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