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I just came across another AP article on abortion doctors being charged for murder. The story is disturbing, of course, and just one more indication of how the culture of death marches on.

And yet, I was strangely comforted by the outrage in the comments section, particularly from those who still call themselves “pro-choice.” In fact, I’ve been perusing the comments and haven’t found anyone yet who defends the aborting of a viable fetus. It’s only a matter of time before the our society’s revulsion at late-term abortions is pushed back toward the beginning of the pregnancy.

When it comes to abortion, the tide is turning. Take a look at some of these comments.

  • 36 weeks? isn’t that almost nine months?
  • An abortion at 36 WEEKS??? People, that’s a 9 month pregnancy! Who in their right mind would abort a baby who is at full term to be born?! O.M.G.
  • What about the mothers. They should be arrested and charged as they knew what they were doing.
  • I agree, both the doctors and the mothers should be held responsible. Most states have made it somewhat easy to drop off a baby at local hospitals, churches, etc…if the child is not wanted.
  • While I am pro-choice, even I am appalled and baffled at the thought of aborting a 36 week old fetus. What were the participants thinking? There MUST be a cut-off point; even I think ending the life of an about-to-be-born baby is murder.
  • My son who was born into this world at 32 weeks was a mere 4 lbs but is a fighter and made it after a 3 week stint in the ICU. I CANNOT FATHOM someone killing this child at 36 weeks . #$%$ is wrong with people. I am sure these babies would have brought a couple struggling to have children all the joy in the world. I am lucky my son made it and is as happy and silly as any little guy out there…I feel terrible for these poor little guys…
  • That’s pretty disgusting… a 36 week old fetus? My son was born at 37 weeks and was a beautiful, pink, 7 pound baby. The thought of aborting him at that gestational time makes me physically sick. And the thought of him being born & having his little spinal cord severed makes me want to vomit. I’m not saying that I’m completely against abortion in all cases, but this story has brought up feelings in me about abortion that I never even knew existed. Completely sickening.
  • As a supporter of a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy, I am pro choice. I do NOT condone abortion at 36 weeks… Before the fetus is viable… yes.. After NO. If it took you 36 weeks to figure out you don’t want to have a child too bad.
  • Why kill the babies! why not go full term and allow adoption by qualified parents that have not been able to have children of their own. There are thousands of them hoping every day to receive a call that would be a dream come true. These doctors and their patients should all be charged with murder or conspiracy to commit murder. There is just no excuse for their actions.
  • I am against abortion personally (When I found myself pregnant for the first time at age 36 & single, I refused to have one even though the father who was 44 and had no kids insisted. Boy was he angry about my decision!). However, I am pro-choice, but late term abortions are just wrong. If the fetus has a chance of survival outside the uterus, I call that murder. This is all about substituting conscience for greed.
  • As a Pro-Choice person, I am extremely sickened by the actions of these doctors. There is a line and they have definitely crossed it!
  • You can’t have it both ways folks. Either a woman has a right to choose what she can do with her body, or she doesn’t. Make up your mind and pick a side.
  • I don’t have the words for this story……

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