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Barnabas Piper - Hip, Emerging, or Missional: How Is a Writer to Write?

“Missional” means something good. It incorporates the ideas of gospel centricity with cultural relevance in a particular context. It emphasizes Jesus in a way that most effectively communicates to a particular culture or subculture through people from that same culture or sub culture. If that isn’t the heart of writing then the writer needs to go away.

Why Didn’t Jesus Ever Answer Questions?

There is no such thing as ivory tower theology. Theology is about life. Always. Because God is about life. Always.

Matthew Lee Anderson interacts with Jared Wilson’s Gospel Wakefulness – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3:

The answer to “of course, the gospel, but something else please” is not to deepen the divide by emphasizing one to the exclusion of the other.  Instead, it is to take the “something else” and show its deep dependence upon and coherence within the life we have in Christ, to take the world away only to give it back rebuilt and reformed, to deepen our joy within the world by demonstrating that the “something else too” is only something else as it has its being in God.

Simple Priorities Make Strong Ministry:

Parker suggests that pastoral ministry involves three basic priorities as well: knowing God, knowing self and knowing ministry, in that order. All of ministry is about focusing on these three basics and working them out in the context of ministry.


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2 thoughts on “Worth a Look 1.12.12”

  1. aian ferguson says:

    How do you now get to your prayer room please?

  2. Trevin Wax says:

    The prayer room will be put back up in the near future.

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