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8 Personal Finance Lessons from Benjamin Franklin:

Benjamin Franklin rose from 17-year-old runaway to successful printer, newspaperman, author, inventor, diplomat, and statesman. His great success came from living the virtues of frugality and industry, and his life offers us many personal finance lessons that apply to modern men just as much as they did to those living in colonial America. So without further adieu, let’s dive right into uncovering some of Ben’s timeless wisdom.

Brandon O’Brien’s Small Church, Big Impact is available for free on Kindle and Nook today.

Men Are from Google+, Women Are from Pinterest:

Over the weekend, an amazing stat was bandied about by various tech sites: More than 97% of social photo-sharing site Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women. While plenty of the site’s 10.4 million registered users are men, its key demographic is women between the ages of 18 and 34.

Ed Stetzer with some hard-hitting questions for Scot McKnight about The King Jesus Gospel:

Why do you point to John Piper as one of the most poignant examples 
of a “soterian” in our day? Are you suggesting that John Piper doesn’t
 rightly define and present the gospel?

Matthew Lee Anderson answers some questions about being a “Christian conservative”:

I’d say the conservative disposition is rooted in a deference to tradition, what Chesterton described as “the democracy of the dead.”  In its degraded form, this gets reduced to a false nostalgia based on mythological readings of history.  But at its best, the impulse recognizes that we have received goods worth holding on to and that social innovations tend to bring about negative consequences that we rarely foresee.  Sometimes the devil you know is less dangerous than the devil that may come.

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