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8 thoughts on “Friday Funny: History of Church Movements”

  1. Glen says:

    Yes! This was one of the best statements on the Church today that I’ve seen in awhile. While it’s funny, it’s also sad. Thanks for reminding us we need to get back to our “Root.”

  2. Andrew says:

    I have sat in this class…nay…I have taught this class.

  3. Don says:

    Sadly, I used to belong to that movement..

  4. Trevin, do you have a credit for the cartoon linking back to the artist? I would love to see the original web site where that appeared.

    1. Trevin Wax says:

      No. I don’t. I saw it on Ed Stetzer’s blog first.

  5. Jude says:

    My Catholic friends keep hassling me to convert from Protestantism for this very reason. It’s a shame and embarrassment to the Christian church, and it really is sinful (that much I will agree about with them).

    1. Casey says:

      The Catholic Church’s family tree has many branches as well, Jude.

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