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On Wednesday, Matt Chandler came to LifeWay to speak at chapel and take part in our webcast for The Gospel Project. I encourage you to listen to Matt’s chapel message here. It’s a hard-hitting sermon from Philippians 3 about not trading in Jesus for the idea of Jesus.

A few hours later, J.D. Greear, Matt Chandler, Ed Stetzer and I hosted the Gospel Project webcast. Over 3000 people joined us for a conversation about gospel-centrality and how it relates to discipleship and curriculum. During the hour and a half broadcast, the webcast became a #2 trending topic worldwide on Twitter. You can watch the entire event below.

  • 0:00 Trevin Wax – What does “in depth” mean?
  • 4:20 Matt Carter on the power to change
  • 5:01 Matt Chandler on making the gospel explicit
  • 20:10 Geoff Ashley (writer) on the connection between gospel and mission
  • 20:45 Matt Chandler / Trevin Wax conversation on typology, gospel-centrality, mission
  • 30:21 Kimberly Thornbury (Advisory Council) on kids’ curriculum
  • 31:00 J.D. Greear on grounding life application in the gospel
  • 48:11 Halim Suh (writer) on the gospel working on us as we serve Christ
  • 48:51 J.D. Greear / Trevin Wax conversation on kids’ curriculum, Old Testament moral examples, and worship
  • 59:02 George Guthrie on the importance of the Bible’s storyline
  • 59:52 Ed Stetzer on going deep and going out 
  • 1:14:48 Juan Sanchez (writer) on what good curriculum does
  • 1:15:53 Ed Stetzer / Trevin Wax conversation on connecting small groups to mission
  • 1:27:40 Panel Discussion with Matt Chandler, J.D. Greear, Ed Stetzer, and Trevin Wax

For more information and details on scope & sequence as well as pricing, visit the Gospel Project website here.

Thanks to the bloggers and pastors who joined us in Nashville for the webcast. Thanks also to those at LifeWay who were involved in the Gospel Project webcast. Our prayer was that Christ would be exalted and His church edified.

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One thought on “The Gospel Project Webcast – Video Online”

  1. The sermon by Matt Chandler, though I have heard it before, was phenomenal. As someone tweeted during the webcast, I did not expect to be convicted during a curriculum promo. God bless.

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