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Did Jesus’ Disciples Carry Notebooks?

I have to confess that I was originally skeptical at the prospect of notebooks being used to preserve Jesus’ teachings. It struck as rather convenient and we don’t have any surviving note books containing Jesus’ words. I once regarded with incredulity Paul Barnett’s claim: “In our view Jesus’ disciples must have begun memorizing Jesus’ teachings, and perhaps even writing them down, while he was still with them.” But my initial reservations have been assuaged.

The 5 Types of Work that Fill Your Day:

All work is not created equal. Try working with an awareness of the type of work you’re doing, and how it’s helping (or limiting) your progress.

USA Today - Crystal Cathedral Downfall Offers Cautionary Tale:

The lessons from the downfall of the Schullers’ ministry can be taught to a wide array of organizations, experts say. ”There’s always been a caution against nepotism in all kinds of work,” said Michael Cromartie, vice president of the Washington-based Ethics and Public Policy Center. “Why shouldn’t it also extend to Christian ministries?”

Watering Down Immersion:

It seems that there is a trend in evangelicalism to downplay the importance of baptism so as not to divide brothers and sisters, and at the same time to elevate other doctrines as dividers. For example, while I am a committed complimentarian, it is curious to me that some newer networks raise gender roles over baptism (Mathis is not making this case). Why? What are the justifications for downplaying one and elevating another? It appears somewhat arbitrary to say that a final command of Christ should not divide us but gender roles should.

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