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Outstanding Issues with Smartphones in Church:

As more people make the move from regular cell phones to smart phones and tablets, many want to use the “smart” features during worship services to access the Scriptures, take notes, and even interact with the pastor. This has led to an ongoing, though fairly quiet debate about the proper place of such devices in church.

Time to Enlarge the Church Planting Table:

Pastors, you need to stop looking elsewhere for the high-caliber church planters you don’t have to send from your churches, and start equipping and mobilizing the 1-3-s and the 4-7-s that the Lord has entrusted to your care.  Be faithful with what you have.  If you have the 8-10-caliber leaders, then be faithful with them as well.

Pastoral Idolatry: 10 Common Forms of False Righteousness in Ministry:

Let it be said that theology, well-thought ministry philosophy, and the rest of these things are good things. But when they become the way we distinguish ourselves from other Christians, they have tragic results on our souls and our ministry. We all find security in each of them, and some more than others.

LGBT: An Open-Minded Movement?

A number of different suggestions have been made as to the most civil and sensible way for Christians to respond to accusations of bigotry, but the best is to simply point out what is being ignored in the accusation itself: the fundamental realities of modernity.

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