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If you don’t read anything else today, read this - Easter: Echoes from the Tomb:

Leaning forward, you strain to hear. The fresh, cool breeze of the garden morning brushes your cheek. Bending, you look into that open, black-dark mouth of the tomb, its only light the sun’s thin finger reaching past your shoulder to touch the corner of a bone box. But the bones for which it waits have changed, gotten up and walked away. No smell of death; only the sweet scent of burial spices hanging in the air.

What is Love? Here is a list of actions between husband and wife:

  • Love is being willing to have your life complicated by the needs and struggles of your husband or wife without impatience or anger.
  • Love is actively fighting the temptation to be critical and judgmental toward your spouse, while looking for ways to encourage and praise.
  • Love is the daily commitment to resist the needless moments of conflict that come from pointing out and responding to minor offenses. (Continue reading…)

A Counterfeiting Conspiracy - A Philadelphia shopkeeper causes problems for the Confederacy:

Over the next 18 months he built the most notorious counterfeiting enterprise of the Civil War — one that also happened to be perfectly legal. His forgeries flooded the South, undermining the value of the Confederate dollar and provoking enraged responses from Southern leaders. He waged war on the enemy’s currency, serving his pocketbook and his country at the same time.

David Hesselgrave on holistic mission:

I believe that, at its heart, evangelicalism overall is prioritistic and believes that its fundamental task is to evangelize a world that has clearly lost both its way and its compass. As a prioritist, I am optimistic at that point. But only mildly so.

The confusion over Trayvon Martin FaceBook photos:

Whether or not these images were shared out of ignorance, the results have been horrifying, but also revealing about a few ugly truths about race and public discourse in an Internet Age.

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