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Andrew Sullivan responds to my critique of his Newsweek cover story:

That is why the crucifixion remains the great central symbol of the Christian faith. It is a total renunciation of worldly power. Jesus did not want such an outcome, but he accepted it and loved those who murdered him.

A Guide for Staying Christian in Seminary:

Here’s the rundown on the seven-part series, four quick videos on the subject, and several good posts produced by friends who we asked to chime in on this topic.

The Emerging Asexuality Movement:

What all asexual people have in common — and what defines asexuality as an orientation — is that, while they may have a desire to connect with other people, asexuals have no desire to connect with them sexually. Asexual people are not the same as celibate people: it’s not that they are purposefully or unintentionally abstaining from sex they would otherwise like to have, but rather that they have no interest in it.

A Brief History of Youth Ministry:

To get an idea of where we have come from, let’s turn back the clock more than a half century. Space here only allows the broadest overview, so bear with the generalizations.

T4G Pre-conference Panel

Southern Seminary will host a Together for the Gospel pre-conference panel discussion on Christ-centered theology and ministry on Monday, April 9th. The dinner and dialogue will feature Josh Harris, Carl Trueman, Matt Pinson, Jeff Bethke and J.D. Greear, hosted by Russell D. Moore. If you’re arriving in Louisville early for T4G, this could be a great event to check out. The registration deadline is Thursday, 4/5, and cost is $15.

Amazing video of a tornado touching down yesterday in Arlington, TX

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2 thoughts on “Worth a Look 4.4.12”

  1. Or, as proclaimed by a poster in my high school biology classroom: “Asexuality is budding.” Of course, you’d have to be a major geek to find that funny.

  2. Dave says:

    What sort of impact does the asexuality movement have in the Church’s ministry?

    Do you think there are things to learn from the way ministry toward divorcees, homosexuals, ethnic minorities, etc., has been done in the past and changed over time?

    I don’t have a lot of experience with this topic, but it seems like it could be important as awareness rises.

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