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Ministry Calling: What, Who, and Where

There is great danger in being only a “what,” “who,” or “where” leader. “What” leaders often love what they do more than the people they serve or the people they serve alongside. Ministry can easily become about them and the opportunity to utilize their gifts. “What” leaders must become more passionate for the church than for what they do for the church. While I deeply value loyalty, “who” leaders can drift into valuing the relationships more than valuing the health of the ministry. And “where” leaders can lose focus on important ministry functions while simply “loving where they serve.”

Titanic: The Reality

Reeder muses on the “amazing event” chronicled in historic accounts, in which, “Men of power and prestige sacrificed their lives for women and children of the lower class, many of whom were indentured servants, day laborers, and domestic workers. On this flotilla of self-absorption, self-sacrifice became a prevailing virtue during a crisis moment, and the powerful chose death that the powerless might receive life.”

Denny Burk’s thoughts on Rick Santorum’s exit from the race:

One more thing, Rick Santorum is about to be out of sight and out of mind for many Americans. That means that many people will forget about his daughter Bella as well. She is a walking miracle right now as her very life defies all the odds of those afflicted with Trisomy 18. She is not out of the woods and probably never will be. Who knows? Santorum’s exit from the campaign may be the answer to someone’s prayers for her. In any case, Daddy will be home soon, and that’s a good thing.

Rick Warren did a good job fielding some tough questions on this ABC news segment, including questions about the exclusivity of Christ for salvation and the issue of homosexual marriage. I like the way he pointed back to the authority of Scriptures in a winsome way.

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