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Exponential Conference is next week. Simulcast info is here:

The Exponential Conference has become the largest gathering of church planting leaders in North America each year with nearly 5,000 attendees. Exponential champions healthy, reproducing faith communities by inspiring, encouraging and equipping church planting leaders. From leaders considering church planting to seasoned veterans, the conference’s 100+ national speakers, 100+ workshops, and 15+ tracks provide some of the best church planting training available. For the first time ever, the 5 Main Stage Sessions and 4 Family Track Sessions from an Exponential Conference will be made available via live Simulcast.

The audio from the Adult Education Panel I moderated at T4G (with Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, Michael Kelley) is now available. (Right-click to download.) The video is here.

Timothy Tennent on the future of the United Methodist church:

We were once a powerful evangelistic movement.  Now, we are forever searching for new ways to manage our decline.  Endless studies and reports and commissions and re-structuring and new slogans (Open hearts, open minds, open doors) have ensued over the years.  None of these well intentioned initiatives have halted – or even really understood – the nature of this decline.  It will probably take a least three more cycles of general conferences before the following suggestions can be heard.  Nevertheless, here are a few suggestions to consider…

Greg Brezeale - How I Pray for My Sons:

I have two boys. Cross just turned 3. Rhyse (pronounced rise) is 6 months. Here are some ways that I pray for them…

Tim Challies on passing by an abortion clinic:

All of that unraveled in the few seconds it took for me to pass by—a very powerful few seconds. I was shocked and gravely disappointed—shocked again, shocked anew, that we allow this to happen, that our society not only allows this to happen, but is actually complicit in this genocide. And I was so gravely disappointed in myself, so ashamed.

What Memes Mean: The Re-Appropriation of Ryan Gosling

This strange development illustrates one of the keys of meme: re-appropriation. Re-appropriation means taking something and using it for something it wasn’t necessarily intended for. With memes, we feel we have full right to re-appropriate anything in whatever means we choose, be it a music video, public figure, or whatever else. Any and all re-appropriations are allowed and encouraged.

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