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The Exponential conference (largest gathering of church planting leaders in North America) begins today and will be simulcast for the first time. You can watch the backstage conversations (hosted by Geoff Surratt and Philip Nation) for free.

I’m Thankful for Christian Funerals:

Every time I have the privilege of preaching a funeral for a man or woman who has lived for the Savior, I feel incredibly close to the Lord.  There are several reasons I like Christian funerals…

Why Volunteers Don’t Attend Your Meetings:

Have you ever asked yourself why no one ever comes to your training meetings? Have you ever bought 200 bagels and 5 boxes of Joe in preparation for 100% attendance by your volunteer teams? Only to have 185 bagels left over. I see that hand and that hand belongs to me.

What do we do? We blame the people we invited we blame the methods we used to get the people out, and even sometimes the donuts, but rarely do we look at the content of the meeting itself.

The Passing of the Torch? Thoughts on the Passing of Chuck Colson:

For many younger evangelicals, “worldview analysis,” as the task is known, functioned as something of a halfway house between the uncritical anti-intellectualism of our pulpits and the more dialectical approach of the great books world or the more directly scholarly mindset of the academy.  Within the evangelical world, the approach necessarily shifted attention away from questions of politics per se toward those fundamental human questions that lie at the heart of any society. In that sense, Colson’s work opened up the space for a rethinking of the civic order along nonpartisan lines, even if for the most part the worldview crowd caucuses with Republicans.  Which is simply to say, his mission and message all seemed to be of a piece.  And in a fragmented world, that is itself an impressive accomplishment.

Pastors, Keep Your “Gray” Areas Off the Stage:

Don’t raise gray issues to the level of black-and-white. When you do, you’re speaking authoritatively where God has chosen to be silent. Which is not ground on which I want to find myself.

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2 thoughts on “Worth a Look 4.24.12”

  1. Ben Reed says:

    Thanks for the link love, Trevin!

  2. Sam says:

    Trevin thanks for the shout out. I appreciate it.

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