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Once an Evangelical…: On Balmer on Douthat

 Some, like Balmer, believe that progressive, revisionist, non- and post-denominational, “updated” Christian start-ups are the way the faith will survive.  Others of us, like Douthat, see such ventures as extending something other than Christianity.  In contrast, we’re betting on something that will seem almost completely counter-intuitive: that the future of Christianity in the United States depends on the revitalization of orthodox institutions–even (gulp),denominations.  Or, to put it otherwise, we’re betting that the future of Christianity in the United States is catholic.

5 Ways to Overcome Nerves Before Speaking in Public:

Most people feel nervous prior to giving a speech.  This is human nature and indeed some degree of nerves is absolutely essential to remain alert and deliver the speech clearly.  However nerves do become a problem if they are debilitating in any way.  Thankfully, there are practical ways to overcome this which are outlined below.

Learning to Delight in Scripture:

So how can we go from having little to no love for God’s word to savoring it even more than we would a big, fat, juicy fillet or a delicious canoli? I want to present just a few points of application that will help you to get a taste for the sweetness and sufficiency of God’s word in your life.

The South, The War, and “Christian Slavery”

Many Southerners, though, came to embrace the interpretation of their history suggested by Elliott and made explicit by the Reverend J.C. Mitchell. “Read the annals of other nations,” the Alabaman admonished, “and see what destroyed them. It was not foreign force, but internal evil.” After the war, then, for countless chastened white Southern Christians, the evil that provoked the Lord to destroy their nation was the myriad wrongs committed against the slaves they had kept. Vanishingly few asked whether their true sin might be claiming to own those whom the Bible called their brothers and sisters in Christ.


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